Choose the adventure of your own life.

Life can be a grand adventure or not. Do you remember the choose your own adventure books? If you want to have a grand adventure, you’ll want to make wise choices. The best way to make wise choices is to get guidance from experts.

Some key areas to consider creating your own adventure include preparing yourself financially, empowering your leadership abilities, and taking charge of your health. Life has many twists and turns so you want to have made some great choices that can optimize your experience. Enhance your confidence and knowledge in these areas and you’re ready for a great adventure.

On this February 10, 2022 WSA-TV Premier Show episode our Premier Members offer wisdom in this video blog to help you choose the optimal path for your own life and be ready for the best experience in life’s financial, health, and leadership adventures.

Featuring: Ngoc Tran, Jenn Donahue, & Cheri Redgrave

Our experts share their advice for women leaders and speakers:

Ngoc shares “”As a Financial Health Expert, I have a three step approach to working with clients to help them achieve financial and time freedom.
1) Evaluate their level of financial literacy
2) Determine their financial needs
3) Customize their financial health strategies based on their needs.

When I am evaluating my client’s financial literacy, we discuss life’s 3 major risks: 1) Living too long 2) Dying too soon 3) Becoming Ill, and how prepared they are. And I have the following questions to reflect upon:

What happens if you outlive your retirement money? What if you become too old to work? Have you planned for an increase in inflation and taxes?
If you are the main breadwinner, how is your family protected if you die unexpectedly? Where will the money come from to support your loved ones?
What if you become terminally ill and cannot work? Will your health insurance cover your living expenses, or will you have to sell your home, or drain your retirement funds in order to live?

Jenn shares “I use a framework of recognize, analyze, and act.
1) Recognize: am I camouflaging my true self? Is it harming or helping me?
2) Evaluate: Is my camouflage holding me back? When is the best time to shed the camouflage and be yourself?
3) Act: How to you begin to take off the camouflage and be your genuine self”

Cheri suggests “Create a new wonderful life free of the foods that effect you. Make it an adventure. Create delicious meals that the whole family will love.”


Ngoc Tran is a Certified Public Accountant, Life Insurance Agent and Financial Health Expert. She helps others by creating customized solutions to help people make money, save money, protect their money and eliminate debt. This empowers people to handle life’s unexpected challenges, enables them to plan for the unplanned, and creates certainties out of life’s uncertainties. You can learn more about Ngoc at

Jenn Donahue is a Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Engineer. Her passion is to empower the younger generations of women to see women in leadership positions. Strong examples of female leadership can help change unconscious biases that men are more natural leaders and that traditionally male characteristics make strong leaders. You can learn more about Jenn at

Cheri Redgrave is a Motivational Speaker. She Created new non-dairy milk substitute specifically for cooking & baking. Viewing your food allergies as an Adventure, not a burden. You can learn more about Cheri at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: