Are You Ready to Step Into Your Courage and Heal

It takes courage to heal. Whether you’re going through a dire situation or are confronted with life’s many transitions, it can be daunting. Your feelings are real. To channel the energy of your feelings to serve you takes courage. That means acknowledging your feelings so you can get to your positive outcomes. However, the question remains, how to do that?

On this March 10, 2022 WSA-TV Premier Show episode our Premier Members give answers to how to find the courage and step into healing, by sharing their tools, wisdom, and proven steps.

Featuring: Candace Plattor, Lea Tran, Roe Couture DeSaro & Debbie Helena

Our experts share their advice for women leaders and speakers:

Candace shares “When addicts are enabled, they stay stuck in their addiction, with no incentive to do anything differently. Enabling an addict is NEVER a loving act. Family members need to love their addicts enough to do what’s right for them, even when that may be uncomfortable for the family. Remember – if nothing changes, nothing changes.”

Lea shares “I believe that people can go beyond survival to create opportunities when life knocks them down. They can overcome dire situations and proactively take calculated risks, making the necessary change to master their fear. I have lived through a horrific piece of history to prove that it can be done through the arduous journey of escaping Vietnam communism. We survived a war torn country, domestic violence, poverty and social isolation to move on and thrive in a foreign land. It was not easy but achievable. If a refugee like me could do it, imagine how much more a normal person could do.”

Roe suggests “The most common limiting belief that trips up the smartest, most gifted, and talented women is thinking we got to where we are at because we were lucky; it’s in many women’s blind spots, success comes from the inside.
You have the power within yourself to activate your inner gutsy gal by recognizing and valuing your wins so you can call forth who you are when you are at your best and let her show up with grace and dignity.”

Debbie suggests “Simple tools to stop anxiety and cultivate a sense of calm and inner peace.”


Candace Plattor is an Addictions Therapist. She works with families and other loved ones of people who are struggling with addiction. Everyone is affected and everyone needs to heal – and when we stop the enabling, we can stop the addiction. You can learn more about Candace at

Lea Tran is a Speaker, Author, Coach. She speaks and coaches to inspire her audience to be bold and take calculated risks to excel their personal and professional lives. You can learn more about Lea at

Roe Couture DeSaro is a Transformational Leader. She supports high-achieving women who feel there is more and don’t know how to access it. Working with her, breaks them through their inner glass ceilings and gets them to step into their power and finally have true fulfillment and a well-balanced life with grace and ease. You can learn more about Roe at

Debbie Helena is a Holistic Integrator for Wellness & Mindfulness Coach. She creates calm and clarity so people can release stress and anxiety, process emotions including grief, shame, and self-doubt, and learn to see and hear with their heart. She guides them home, to their center. To step into the courage to be seen and heard, and to live their unique purpose. You can learn more about Debbie at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: