How to Be a Money Magnet & Transform Your Life

Winning in life takes many forms. It may involve breaking through to new levels of happiness, attracting and cultivating healthy relationships, increasing your impact as well as your enhancing your financial power. Today’s Premier Women experts share how to transform your life personally and financially.

When you follow the 3 A’s that Lorna outlines or the mindset tips Helen reveals, you can set yourself up for the best possible outcomes. This show is a reminder that we have more power than we may remember. It is a call to face what’s in front of you knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way.

Your message matters! Yes, at an organizational level you can gain great training and opportunities for more visibility. But the richer value comes through connection and collaboration with influential, heart-centered women leaders.

Featuring Helen Cummings-Henry & Lorna Blake

Our experts share their advice for women leaders and speakers:

Helen says “Transformation begins with you. You have control over your life, your action and your behavior. You must take positive action and have positive behavior to achieve your desired outcome.”

Lorna shares “Money is energy that can be redirected to you instead of away from you. Acknowledge the story you are telling yourself about the outflow or the lack of money you’re experiencing. Become aware the story may actually be connected to your deepest childhood wound around fear of rejection, fear of losing love, fear of being judged or fear of having nothing. Affirm: Use a money affirmation that fits what you want. I like Florence Scovel Shinn’s I have the magic purse of the Spirit that can never be depleted. As money goes out, immediately money comes in under grace in magical ways. ”


Helen Cummings-Henry is a Transformation Coach. She prides herself in being able to touch the lives of women and helping them access the gifts that they have buried from deep within so they can be a ‘Winner’ in life. You can learn more about Helen at

Lorna Blake is a Success Coach. She helps spiritual women entrepreneurs manifest more money so they can enjoy more freedom, fun and overflow. You can learn more about Lorna at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: