Your childhood does impact your future.

Whether one’s childhood was filled with trauma or one grew up feeling not worthy, the repercussions of this history can be felt for decades if not proactively healed. Maybe there was shaming, abuse, a critical parent, or lack thereof. The result shows up in adulthood as unfulfilling and toxic relationships, depression, feeling lost, or not living to one’s fullest potential.

We’ve got the Confidence Coach and Relationship Crisis Consultant who share their advice on how to go from toxic relationships to expressing your brilliance. This is not a light show. We’ve got deep information that will shine a light on what happens in early childhood that makes people susceptible to putting themselves second and settling for toxic relationships and how to put yourself first and bring forth your brilliance and the possibility of healthy relationships. In fact, there are a few easy steps you can take to grow your confidence in any situation.

First, a public health note, if you’re in a difficult place emotionally, please seek professional help. Yes, it takes a little bit of courage and vulnerability, and the personal power will be worth it. With help, you can transform your life for the better and you may even help someone else without even realizing it.

Featuring Dr. Nicole Steele & Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

Our experts share their advice for women leaders and speakers:

Dr. Nicole says “I would encourage individuals to embrace their brilliance. So often we can minimize or do not recognize our own brilliance because we are too focused on competing and comparing our light to that of someone else. I would encourage individuals to identify the things that set them apart, the passion that burns within and all the unique gifts and talents that come naturally. With that awareness I would encourage them to determine how that brilliance can be used to make the world a better place and once that is determined to fully pursue it without apology.”

Dr Rhoberta says “there are things that happened to you prior to you even speaking, where you have likely taken what you were given and believed that to be the way things are supposed to be. Understanding the impact of the hijackals in your life can help you move forward.”


Dr. Nicole Steele is a Confidence Coach. She provides coaching, consulting, conference, and creative content for ladies, leaders, and young girls through youth development programs. You can learn more about Nicole at

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler is a Relationship Crisis Consultant. She empowers people to recognize and stop tolerating emotional abuse and emerge empowered. You can learn more about Rhoberta via her podcasts, live streams, Emerging Empowered membership community (group) and one on one consultations accessible at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: