Are you struggling to find new ways to connect with potential clients or partners?

As an author, using your book as a conversation starter can be a powerful tool for generating business. Not only does it allow you to share your personal story and message, but it also gives others a glimpse into your expertise, and perspective, and transforms their lives.

We’ve learned how to leverage books to create meaningful connections that lead to collaborations, speaking opportunities, and ultimately business growth. That’s what we are sharing in this WSA-TV Premier Women’s Show

Gail Watson and Laura Rubinstein share 5 strategies for using your book to start conversations and generate business. So get ready to learn!

1. Share your story with clients and colleagues- Use your book to share your personal and professional journey and highlight the lessons you’ve learned along the way. This could be a great way to connect with others who have similar experiences or interests. And generate interest in you working with them.

2. Ask for feedback – Ask others to read your book and provide feedback. This could lead to conversations about their own experiences or perspectives and ultimately help you refine your message. Allows them to engage and share their opinions When networking, new opportunities can come up.

3. Attend author events –Attend book events where authors gather. Library events. Breakouts at conferences about their work. Share your personal book and engage with other authors and readers to expand your network and gain insights and inspiration. What inspired you to writing the book

4. Be a guest author at book clubs – Become book clubs that read books within your genre or niche. This could be a great way to build meaningful connections with others who share your passion for reading and writing.

In a collaborative book, we have the opportunity to create events with co-authors. In fact, May 18 public book club – where you can meet and discuss the book and Women Transforming the World. -connect with other authors. Opens the doors for people to ask you their questions.

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5. Collaborate with others – Reach out to other authors in your field or genre to collaborate on joint events, book signings to promote your book, and even co-marketing efforts. This could not only help you reach new audiences but also provide opportunities to learn from one another and build connections within your industry.

Sharing your book creates deep and meaningful connections with your audience. When people read your book, they are given an insight into your thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. This allows readers to connect with you on a personal level and feel like they know you more intimately.

When a reader is impacted by your words and feels inspired or motivated by your message. This can lead to them sharing your book with others, leaving a positive review, or even reaching out to you personally to express how much your book has touched them and even request your services or buy your products.

Sharing your book can lead to speaking opportunities, collaborations with others, and media coverage that can help increase your visibility and reach

Overall, sharing your book makes a difference and can make an impact you may never know about but you’re putting out positive energy and it will come back to you.

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