Women on a mission… if you want to make a big impact, your bestselling book is your answer!

Maybe you’ve been wondering about how to go about leveraging your book, tying it into your existing work, and/or monetizing it for greater visibility. That’s why we have Charmaine Hammond. She is the queen of making an impact and utilizing the books she’s authored.

If you haven’t published a book yet, and are ready to grow your influence and share your message with more people, start here. Women Speakers Association walks women through the process of developing their message, bringing it out, and leveraging it for more profitability.

In this Speaker Success Training, you’ll walk away with a quarterly plan of what to do next with your book. If you’ve been in a collaborative book or have published your own book, you can monetize it in the next 90-days. Charmaine is going to teach on brand new strategies like presenting in elementary schools (even if you have a business-oriented topic). You will also receive her 10-point book signing list.

Our Speaker Success Trainings are available for replay to members. Join in live for this training on April 12 or watch the replay.

Sell more books – make a big impact training:
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Wednesday, April 12, 2023
1pm PT/4pm ET