Brigitte Stills is a top real estate professional in Australia and Global Business Connector with Women Speakers Association.

She is also dedicated to supporting women in business around the world. Her journey with Women Speakers Association began after a call with Gail Watson a few years ago. She wholeheartedly believes in the organization’s mission to empower women and sees herself as a connector, supporting and collaborating with members to help them grow and expand their knowledge and visibility. Her love for collaboration and supporting people within all industries has allowed her to contribute to Women Speakers Association in many ways, including the recent release of the book Voices of the 21st Century, Women Transforming the World. Brigitte’s determined and supportive nature makes her a valuable part of the organization.

Brigitte shares how women rise and her passion for Australian women thriving. Only 22% of Australian startups are founded by women despite their historical leadership roles in businesses.

Brigitte has a world of knowledge that she generously offers to boost others to their goals.

– Women’s Speakers Association is a global organization that provides support for women in business and helps them become more visible and achieve their goals. We offer resources, training, and networking opportunities.

– The networking event on July 13th (11 am Sydney time) is a great opportunity to meet successful women in business and discuss strategies and solutions.

– The Visibility Strategy Call on July 6th is a new and powerful opportunity to gain strategies to impact more and elevate your business. It’s open to both members and non-members and is a valuable event that we’re excited to bring to Australian women.

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