Dr. Rhoberta Shaler has written the foreword for the 2024 “Voices of the 21st Century: Women Empowered Through Passion and Purpose.” Dr. Shaler is an expert in helping people emerge empowered from toxic relationships and emotional abuse.

When you think of acting from an empowered place, do you really understand how to be that?

Dr. Shaler navigates us through the steps to living an empowered life. Dr. Shaler emphasized the importance of understanding your identity and purpose.

Exploring who you are and what drives you is essential for empowerment.

Knowing yourself leads to self-inspiration and motivation. Dr. Shaler dove into how clarifying your identity empowers you to live with passion and purpose.

Forget the idea of having just one purpose! We discussed how having multiple roles and purposes in life can bring fulfillment and resilience.

Dr. Shaler shared her journey of discovering her purpose and feeling content. Living empowered means understanding how you want to contribute and what you need to accomplish.

We talked about the 2024 book “Voices of the 21st Century: Women Empowered through Passion and Purpose.” It features incredible stories of growth and transformation from women of different backgrounds.

Dr. Shaler’s forward for the book is a must-read. It will empower you to step into your own journey of self-discovery and live an empowered life.

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