The M word. Yes, it’s money. Some people think it’s taboo to talk about, but today we are normalizing it.

You deserve to be financially fit and in this episode, Ngoc and Valerie reveal their strategies and advice for overcoming money blocks and allowing for more financial abundance.

Ever wonder how you can transform your relationship to money and create cash flow and ultimately financial freedom with ease.

Ngoc T. Tran and Valerie Priester discuss the importance of reframing fears and beliefs that hold women back from achieving their financial goals. They explore common money blocks that women face, such as feeling undeserving of wealth or struggling with self-worth as entrepreneurs. Through personal stories and insights, Ngoc and Valerie provide practical strategies for tackling these challenges head-on.

The first piece of advice Valerie shares is to get crystal clear on what beliefs are getting in the way. It’s not until you have clarity on everything from the negative beliefs, fears, and self-worth, can you begin to turn things around financially.

Valerie offers what you can do once you are clear to pave the way for wealth to pour in.

Ngoc then advises that our time is best spent on activities that are directly related to income. If you truly desire wealth, you can have it. Ngoc has gone from having nothing to financial freedom more than once. For those who procrastinate or avoid business-building activities, it’s time to focus on income and accomplishing tasks that will bring more profits.

About our experts Valerie Priester and Ngoc T. Tran, CPA:

Valerie Priester is a Mindset Money Breakthrough Business Coach. She helps women entrepreneurs of service-based businesses eliminate the confusion, frustration, and overwhelm often associated with building a successful business. Helping them go from overwhelm to profits. I want women to know they can do, be, and have it all – money included. You can learn more about Valerie at

Ngoc T. Tran is a Certified Public Accountant, and Financial Health Expert. a Financial Health Expert. She protects her clients and their families from major risks and creates customized solutions that will help them make money, save money, protect their money and eliminate debt. You can learn more about Nogc at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: