Making an impact begins with embodying your message and getting out there.

At Women Speakers Association our publishing arm is bringing the messages women have out faster and easier – Gail Watson founder of Women Speakers Association and WSA Publishing shares about the fastest and easiest way to get published and make a bigger impact.

Women Speakers Association helps women get their messages out into the world faster and easier than ever before.

We’ve simplified the publishing process so more women can go further faster and easier. We create a structured and seamless experience for authors, and remove the barriers and doubts that may prevent women from sharing their stories. Through collaborative and individual author books, our team provides a supportive environment that fosters trust and enables authors to enjoy every step of the journey.

What sets our publishing process apart is the sense of community that it creates. The authors are forever bound together through this book experience. Because the journey takes place over several months with interactive time together, a beautiful network of friendships, business partnerships, and lifelong relationships form. It’s not just about sharing a story; it’s about connecting with like-minded women, growing the authors’ visibility, and making a lasting impact.

The results speak for themselves. Gail and our team have worked with over 350 women, empowering them to become bestselling authors and make a meaningful difference in their lives and the lives of others. These authors range from first-time writers to experienced women leaders, all finding their voices and unleashing their true potential.

Reading the stories of transformation from the Voices of the 21st Century books is truly inspiring. One author, in particular, embarked on her writing journey with the intention of sharing a business message. However, as she delved into the process, a deeply personal message emerged. By having the courage to release that hidden story, she not only became an author but also ignited a fire within herself. She has since started a nonprofit, building partnerships and making a significant impact in her community.

If you’ve been considering sharing your own message but are unsure of where to start, you’re invited to take a leap. Your message is valuable, and we are here to guide and support you every step of the way. Whether you want to join a collaborative book or create your own individual author book we have the tools and expertise to make your publishing dreams a reality.

If you’re not sure what your next should be or you’re interested in learning more about the fastest and easiest way to get published, listen to our podcast episode with Gail Watson. It’s packed with valuable insights and inspiring stories that will leave you feeling motivated and ready to share your own message with the world.

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