This journey called life is filled with all kinds of challenges, in this episode we’re exploring elevating our skills to live more powerfully and positively. These skills include:

  • Embrace Accountability and Celebrate Every Step: Personal development is just as crucial as mastering technical skills. By staying accountable to ourselves and celebrating every small victory, we can continue progressing toward our goals and not giving up when faced with challenges.
  • Strengthen Communication Skills and Self-validation: Vocal validation, a practice of talking to oneself on a recording and listening back to it, was highlighted as a powerful tool by Brooke Richey. It creates an opportunity for self-reflection and uncovering blind spots, ultimately leading to enhanced communication with ourselves and others.

This episode features Laura Reale and Brooke Richey.

Laura Reale is a Senior Optometrist. She ensures people have maximum visual clarity and visual comfort through a thorough eye exam and matches the results with tools like glasses, contact lenses or eye exercises to enhance their lives. You can learn more about Laura at

Brooke Richey is a Holistic Voice Coach & Life transition coach. She has an 8-week program designed to help you uncover a blind spot in your life and provide healing. This work is critical for memory care. In the long term, it’s preventing diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. You can learn more about Brooke at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: