The Blueprint for Achieving Sustainable Success in Business and Health

When you think of sustainable success we need to think about both business and physical health.

In a world filled with distractions and quick fixes, creating sustainable success in both business and health can seem like an elusive goal. However, it is entirely possible with the right mindset, strategies, and guidance from experts.

Premier Members Leisa Reid and Donya Fahmy, shared valuable insights in this episode on how to achieve sustainable success in business and health.

Lisa Reid, the founder of Get Speaking Gigs Now emphasized the importance of consistency in lead flow and client bookings. She highlighted the need to move away from the roller-coaster ride of high highs and low lows in business and instead focus on establishing a steady stream of appointments and engagements. Leisa’s approach involves dedicating energy to becoming an expert and consistently putting oneself out there, whether through public speaking, podcast appearances, or other platforms.

She recommends being ready to speak at any given moment, with a powerful and engaging talk prepared. Leisa’s success in securing a continual flow of speaking engagements year after year demonstrates the effectiveness of her approach

Donya Fahmy, a sustainable wellness success mentor and natural health expert, brings a holistic approach to achieving sustainable success in health. Donya encourages individuals to understand the changing landscape of health in the modern world and to take a proactive approach to well-being. She introduces a practical framework that individuals can apply to their daily lives, focusing on nutrition, skincare, environmental exposure, and mental and emotional well-being.

Her approach revolves around identifying and eliminating “health snatchers,” such as chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and immune system weakness. By focusing on what goes into the body, what goes onto the body, the environmental influences, and mental well-being, individuals can make actionable changes to improve their overall health and well-being. Donya’s personal journey of overcoming chronic health issues showcases the transformative power of adopting a holistic approach to wellness.

The blueprint for achieving sustainable success in business and health involves a combination of consistency, expertise, holistic wellness practices, and supportive communities. By following the strategies and advice offered by Leisa Reid and Donya Fahmy, individuals seeking sustainable success can cultivate a mindset of proactivity, build expertise in their chosen fields, and fully prioritize their wellness.

Ultimately, sustainable success in both business and health requires a commitment to continuous learning, adaptability to the modern landscape, and a supportive network to thrive in.

Remember, sustainable success is not a destination; it’s a journey, and with the right tools and support, it’s a journey that holds the promise of growth, fulfillment, and lasting well-being.