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WSA invites you to form a strategic alliance with an organization that represents the rapidly growing demographic of women speakers around the globe. Public speaking has become one of the most widely used tools that women entrepreneurs use to reach their target market, expand their visibility and grow their bottom line.

With women making up approximately 1/3 of all entrepreneurs in the world, 10.1 million in the U.S. alone, more and more women are stepping onto the platform every day.

And those are just the entrepreneurs…WSA also attracts women in the corporate arena, and non-profit and political sectors as well.

WSA welcomes partnerships with companies of all sizes that share our vision to propel women speakers into greater economic, social and political spheres of influence worldwide.

We are proud and honored to have aligned ourselves with some of the most dynamic companies, associations and organizations around the world that share in our commitment to forging new roads with new ideas that will get women and their message out into the world. They stand with us, for women expressing their power, their truest heart’s desire, their genius and wisdom.

Our partners agree that the more we see women on the platform and the more we empower those women to express themselves authentically and boldly, the greater our chances are of creating families, companies, communities and ultimately, a world that works for everyone.

Our partners support us in our commitment to developing a growing industry of women speakers who are visible in the public eye, both locally and globally, who will serve as role models today and for generations yet to come.

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