Welcome! 2012 Draft

Our vision is of a world in which women are empowered to authentically express themselves; to build a thriving, prosperous business; and feel a part of something greater.   A world in which women take ownership of and step into being the leaders that they are; using their voice to powerfully inspire others, thus causing transformation in the lives of their clients, their companies, communities and the world.

Now More Than Ever Before…The World Needs YOU!

We are here at a defining moment in history. A time in which the world as we know it is transforming into something greater than we could ever imagine. We are moving out of a “survival-of-the-fittest” mindset, in which control, competition and winning are king and into a more integrated field grounded in collaboration, contribution, and one in which we believe, has women at the forefront…the leaders of the 21st Century.

It’s time for your voice to be heard!

As women step up as leaders in every industry, on every continent, Women Speakers Association is here to support you to feel empowered to speak from any stage, whether it be directing a boardroom, running a virtual teleclass or leading a session at the UN; to use your voice to guide, inspire, educate, train, and motivate.

With over 30 years experience behind the scenes in the speaking industry, we know how challenging it can be to position yourself powerfully as a woman so you can get your message out and make the difference you came here to make.

We’re Here To Help Grow Your Visibility So You
Get Seen, Booked and Paid!

We are here to provide solutions to the issues you tell us are most important to you, whether that’s getting booked, growing your visibility, promoting your events and product launches, or bringing you a sense of community when you feel like you’re out there going it alone.

Be a Part Of The First-Ever Global Gathering Place For Women Speakers!

We invite you to join us in this collaborative, conscious “movement”; a growing sisterhood reaching women in 88 countries on 6 of the 7 continents transforming how you get yourself and your message out into the world.

We want YOUR VOICE to be heard
so that you can do what you came here to do…deliver value, make a difference and make your passion a profitable one!

Welcome to Women Speakers Association!

Liora Mendeloff
President & Founder

Gail Watson
Vice-President & Founding Partner

Women Speakers Association is an invitation for women to take the driver’s seat in creating what’s to come. Our blog and virtual roundtables serve as a global platform to spearhead a dialogue about such change – the first step in bringing our vision to realty; the beginning of an exploration in discovering ways to support, mastermind, and mentor one another as we, a collective, take a powerful stance in ushering in the voice of the 21st Century woman.