By Carol Pilkington, Transformational Trainer

Compartmentalizing usually occurs when we don’t, can’t or won’t address squarely those areas of our lives that bring us pain. We tend to deny, repress and ignore what is lurking behind the curtain. We feel the pressure within us but the fear might be too great. So we carry it (whatever the IT is) around with us and it settles just below the surface pushing to come out. Every once in awhile we’ll wonder what caused us to behave in what seems to be an out of character manner and we may not handle a situation as well as we would have liked.

So, how does this affect our ability as a speaker? It has an effect on our ability to relate to our audience. As we are always trying to keep the gremlins at bay our attention and ability to connect with our audience suffers. The audience might love what we are saying but they also might have an indefinable feeling that somehow there is a disconnect between them and you.

It takes a lot of courage and determination to do the work necessary to feel completely congruent in Who We Really Are and live that in the world no matter whom we are with or the situation we find ourselves in. It allows us to be more open and fluid as we engage with others and it will be felt and experienced by all.

Carol Pilkington, Transformational Trainer is dedicated to assisting men and women in how to relate and communicate from their true nature rather than the filter of years of conditioning and sabotaging beliefs. She has over 30 years of human behavioral study and over 9 years intense training in metaphysics and astrology.