Today Women Speakers Association Co-Founders Liora Mendeloff and Gail Watson, together with WSA Council member  Jane Deuber, led an interactive session for Women of Destiny, a month-long tele-summit celebrating the 100th anniversary of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.

A huge shout out to the Women of Destiny team for a stellar job hosting today’s call! And to all those women who called in and participated…thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

As promised on the call, we want to give all of you, including those who couldn’t make the call live today, an opportunity to post your comments on today’s session.

The Voice Of The 21st Century Woman: Defining The New Paradigm, was the topic and we invite you to post your answers here to the two questions we posed on the call. Here they are:

1. In your profession, what are the mindsets, models, methodologies that you feel don’t work any more? If you could capture in one word the essence of the “old model”, what would that one word be? (i.e. competition, manipulation, money-driven, results-oriented, etc.)

2. If you could create the future of your profession or business in general, what would you want to see more of? Again, if you could capture in one word the essence of how you envision the “new model”, what would that one word be? (collaboration, inclusion, value-driven, process-oriented, etc.)

We believe that we DO have the power to create our future, as individuals, as a community, as an industry and beyond. We are excited to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Thanks for sharing and being a part of the call to usher in the voice of the 21st Century Woman!