By Lisa Manyon, Copywriting Strategist

As a professional speaker you know that image is everything. This extends to all elements of your business and marketing materials. The core of your online presence is your website. Ensuring that your site is really working for you, meaning it engages, informs, develops relationships, flows well and promotes action, is vital to your online marketing success and can impact the number of speaking gigs you attract.

Is your website a passive, pretty placeholder or worse yet ugly and useless?

This question may seem harsh and at the same time it’s so important to really think of your website as a relationship building tool and a money engine for your business (you do have a website because you hope to get more business and speaking gigs, right?). In order for that to happen, you must have several elements in place.

One of the biggest mistakes I see on speaker websites is lack of strategic vision and overall web flow. So, take a moment and ask yourself three questions.

1) Why do I have a website? (I.e. what is my ultimate goal?)
2) What to I hope to achieve when people visit my site?
3) Is my website doing what I hoped it would do?

Often speakers understand that a website is a vital marketing tool and at the same time, they fail to utilize this tool to the fullest. If you’re not getting the results you had hoped for from your website, chances are you’re missing one of five vital elements.

Truly successful websites engage, inform, develop relationships, flow well and promote action. They are irresistible (and ultimately represent you and your speaking business in the best light possible).

Is your website achieving all five of these objectives? If so share your success here. If not, what do you think is missing?