By Lisa Manyon, Copywriting Strategist

If your website is a passive, pretty placeholder chances are it looks good but doesn’t really get any action. (Note: Some designers will sway you towards designs that appease their artistic talents but the design doesn’t support flow or results/ sales.) As a professional speaker you know image is important but you cannot just look good, you have to have a message that makes a difference and connects. The same is true of your website.

If your website is ugly and useless chances are it’s cluttered with too much information, the design is not appealing and people are confused when they visit so they do nothing. Or, it could be beautifully designed but missing the five key elements to truly connect. (Note: This generally means your site lacks overall strategy as well as individual page strategy.)

Here are some signs that your site is working for you.

You are on the right track if your website:

Engages: This means people can interact (perhaps via your blog). Your information is clearly stated so potential customers can find what they are looking for easily.

Informs: This means you provide information that is useful to visitors (this could be resources, links to your blog, or details on how your products and services work.).

Develops relationships: This means people begin to get a sense of what you can offer them (including your “free taste” or possibly video/audio messages to connect –it again, depends on your strategy.).

Flows well: This means there is a logical, proven flow for your content (people can find your “free stuff” easily and they can
find information for various services or products easily).

Promotes action: This means you invite visitors to do something that engages, informs and develops your relationship (offering a “free taste” and inviting them to take the next logical step to do business with you which results in sales.).

If all of these elements are in place and you’re still not getting results it usually because of one or two things or a combination of both.

1) Your copy is not connecting with your ideal clients or potential speaking venues in a way that compels action and truly connects.
2) You’re approaching your website with an attitude of “if I build they will come” and don’t have a strategy in place to regularly drive traffic to your website.

You can ensure your website is really working for you by having a clear strategy, incorporating the 5 key elements of successful websites, improving your copy (making it irresistible) and regularly marketing your website.

It often it only takes minor adjustments to help your website attract lucrative speaking gigs and more clients.

What adjustments can you make today?