By Liora Mendeloff, Founder, Women Speakers Association

As you know, yesterday was our first virtual roundtable on marketing. Thank you to Michelle Price and Leticia Wright for helping Aggie Kobrin facilitate the call. And thanks to our Council and members who joined us as well.

To all members looking for more ways to participate in WSA, we encourage you to participate in our virtual roundtables. The topics of discussion are based on what YOU, our members, told us you wanted to learn more about or wanted support with. If you haven’t given us your feedback on your areas of interest yet, you may do so by completing the survey that went out earlier this month by clicking here.

Led by our Council members, the roundtables are an interactive forum for us to mastermind and mentor one another, and to create new and innovative ways of being with all aspects of the business. We are looking at stepping it up a notch in the area of technology, so we can make these virtual events a truly interactive experience. More to come on that soon.

Please keep an eye out for a calendar of upcoming roundtables and more exciting news of what’s to come.

Thanks for your continued participation and generosity with “sharing the love”.

Liora Mendeloff is a Speaking Industry Expert, with 20+ years of experience behind-the-scenes with some of the world’s greatest thought leaders, government officials, celebrities and entrepreneurs, in helping them fulfill their vision.  Liora’s driving force is to facilitate getting women and their core message out into the world, the purpose behind her newest venture, the Women Speakers Association. She is also known for having founded, the secret tool used by the Pro’s to get seen, get booked and get paid!