By Barbara Niven, Actress & Hollywood’s Top Media Trainer

I am thrilled to be part of the Women Speakers Association, because I feel it sums up my goals and my purpose exactly. My mission is to help people shine their Light, connect to their Power and find their true Voice, not only in media situations but in daily life. I think we women have played small for too long, which is why the world has reached such a crisis. Even the Dali Lama has said that “Western women will change the world.” So that’s what I propose we do together now. Step up and start playing large and become the powerful beings and leaders we are meant to be! We can show that cooperation is so much better than competition. It’s the new paradigm, one that we each benefit from, because it’s also aligned with the greater good. By giving, we get!  So…unlock your own personal Star Power and shine your Light. Together, we will blaze like the sun!

Barbara Niven is known as Hollywood’s Top Media Trainer, bringing out Star Power in small business owners, speakers, entrepreneurs, authors and anyone who wants to use the media to grow their business. She’s been an actress in Hollywood for over 25 years, and now Barbara coaches others to help them achieve their own star potential. Get ready to unleash YOUR Star Power at!