By Liora Mendeloff, Founder, Women Speakers Association

Last month we looked at whether or not Superwoman will survive the 21st Century. So far, consensus says, she’d better start thinking about retiring her cape cause her chances aren’t looking too good.

As great as our “advancements” these last 50 years, it’s left us women (and yes, even Oprah!) feeling totally out of balance, exhausted, disempowered, unappreciated, unfulfilled and as the statistics show, often ill and sometimes worse! (Since 1984, this Superwoman complex has caused more women than men to die each year of heart disease.) So, whether you’re a top business executive in the corporate world, a small business owner working 80 hours a week to make ends meet, a school teacher or nurse, or a full-time mother of three, I think majority wins that it’s time to fire Superwoman before she fires us…permanently!

Fortunately, we do have the power to fire Superwoman and reclaim our true liberation once and for all. If we’re firing her though, the question that begs answering is, who is going to be Superwoman’s replacement and is she ready for hire?

Introducing…the 21st Century Woman!

But beware…she’s not who you think she is. The 21st Century Woman is not the next image to put on a pedestal and live up to. She is not “perfection” or a place to strive to and size ourselves up to. In fact, my sense is that she’s just the opposite. So, who IS the 21st Century Woman? The answer to this question lies in each of our individual hands.

For me, the 21st Century Woman is becoming. She’s a magnificent work in progress, who is learning more and more to find greater self-acceptance and self-love, regardless of where she is in her life or how others may view her. In fact, she knows that the answer won’t be found by seeking outside herself for permission, approval, acknowledgement or self-worth (a habit we’ve been trained in for millions of years); but that The Source of her joy, fulfillment, love and peace, resides within her. She knows her True Self, on a soulular level. And, when she forgets this (because kicking a million year habit may not happen overnight), there’s room for that as well.

We are at a pivotal time in history, a tipping point that will determine how things play out globally these next hundred years; a time when we as women can be at cause in creating that future. If we are stepping up to the challenge of creating a new paradigm in this new era, who do you say is the 21st Century Woman?

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