By Katrina Sawa, Award-Winning International Business Coach
As a woman speaker and business owner, you probably know that what matters most to your bottom line is the relationships you have with your customers. The goal then should be to find more ideal prospects to build relationships with and continue to keep in touch with them, right? If you are NOT continuing to nurture those relationships or actively seeking new ones all the time then YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON A LOT OF SALES!
The following are 7 Crucial Relationship Marketing Strategies to Turn More Prospects into Clients:
1. Understand your UNIQUE TARGET MARKET – Narrow it down as much as possible because you can’t afford to market to everyone with your time or money.
2. GET PERSONAL and BE MEMORABLE – In your speaking business, find out what really matters to your target prospects, get personal with them and share a lot about yourself too, that’s how to build real trust and connect.
3. NETWORK EFFECTIVELY to build your list – Hopefully you are doing a lot of networking because networking is the least expensive, most
effective form of marketing for the small business owner; it’s the fastest way to build new relationships that can make a difference.
4. Implement CONSISTENT FOLLOW UP – This is where the system usually fails; it’s where most small business owners get too busy IN the
business that you forget or put off your follow up. BUT THIS IS THE ONE THING YOU COULD BE DOING THAT COULD DOUBLE YOUR SALES!
5. GIVE FIRST, SHARE ALWAYS – You’re probably wondering how this fits in to getting more business as a woman speaker? Well, when you give more referrals, advice and you share your expert opinions with people when you’re out networking and you do it in a giving way, I believe the universe will give you business back.
6. Utilize an attention-getting CALL TO ACTION – When you are marketing your speaking business or when you are building relationships –
which go hand in hand – you can’t forget to slip in a trial close or ask for the sale or appointment.
7. Finally…. AUTOMATE AND DELEGATE – I realize it’s hard to pay someone else to do stuff you are capable of doing yourself, especially

when money is tight, but if you don’t realize that you have to stop doing so much yourself, you may never reach your big goals as a woman speaker.

Katrina Sawa is an Award-Winning, International Business Coach, Author of the book Love Yourself Successful, and a Dynamic Speaker who’s helped thousands of small business owners take dramatic steps to get them to the next level in business, revenues and life. Go grab your 3 free business-building gifts at!