By Allie Longoria, Online Business Expert
Santa Monica, CA

Why do I support and put my name, expertise and passion behind WSA?  It is in total alignment with who I am and what I stand for … LOVE, LEGACY, and LEVERAGE!

When my brilliant friend Liora first asked me to be on the Advisory Council to take part in the creation of this amazing organization, those three powerful words came to mind and instantly I knew it was right.

“LOVE” – like me, the WSA, loves to help women share their products, passions, expertise and unique messages with the world – and make great money doing it!

“LEGACY” — the WSA seeks to do things differently — to shake things up!  We share the desire to transform competition into collaboration, stress into success and a limited mindset into a magnificent mindset.

“LEVERAGE” –Successful women use LEVERAGE, in other words … they strategically invest their time, money and energy in people, technology and resources that give them the best return on their investment.  This community of brilliant women supports, inspires, teaches and motivates one another to share their messages.

When you join and actively participate in the WSA, you too can enjoy some of that leverage.

So why WSA? Because it totally embodies three qualities I passionately stand for … Love, Legacy and Leverage!

Allie Longoria is a recognized passive income, online marketing and business expert. She is a speaker and featured expert in the book ‘Click and Grow Rich Online.  She helps entrepreneurs and experts, speakers, authors and coaches around the world create passive income, market and sell their products, services and events online so they can do what they love.