By Lisa Manyon, Marketing Consultant/Copywriting Strategist
Lewiston, ID

Your bio is an important tool for your publicity efforts. In fact, it’s important to have several options available depending on your needs. If you’re being considered for a television host position, you might need a long bio that tells all about your journey. If you have a speaking engagement booked you may need a short bio that gives a highlight of your qualifications. If you’re a guest on a teleseminar a mini bio is all that’s needed. So, I recommend that you craft a long, short and mini bio to support your various needs. Plus, a speakers bio highlighting your keynotes and experience is vital.

The simple truth is facts tell and stories sell (stories really do build relationships and getting key speaking gigs is based on relationships). If you’re a corporate type transitioning into a more authentic, entrepreneurial lifestyle, this may seem like a stretch to you. After all, in the corporate world we’re taught to keep our personal life and business life separate. However, as a professional speaker you’ll need to leverage your story to connect and a great way to do that is to infuse your history into your bio.  I’ll admit, the notion of infusing more of “me” into my business was a little uncomfortable at first but I’ve found uncomfortable is usually good as it moves on to great things.

That being said, infusing your story and some character into your bio is more interesting and helps cement connections.

So, here’s my story. I knew I wanted to do something that was all “mine” and decided to switch gears in 2003. I’d always dreamed of focusing more on my writing, and reading Peter Bowerman’s, The Well Fed Writer, reinforced that passion. I was working at the premier ad agency in my market and it was a pretty sweet gig but I didn’t see much room for advancement and honestly I was getting really burnt out. Plus, the pressure of deadlines and the environment had me really stressed. And, I was no longer married to my job – I was in a serious relationship so 60+ hour work weeks were not as tasty as they once were. I resigned and Write On Creative was born. Bound by a two-year non-compete in my market, I looked nationally for connections. Joining the National Association of Women Writers changed my life. It’s where I met Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero and the rest, as they say, is history. Investing in Lorrie’s products, live events, and one-on-one mentorship opened my eyes to Internet marketing (in the true sense – not just fluffy, vanilla brochure websites) and long copy. Meanwhile, I was working a “day job” in a utility call center – the pay was great the company took excellent care of employees but it was a means to an end. A security blanket while I built my real business. Once I realized my “security blanket” was actually holding me back, I let go completely and Write On Creative has been my sole (or maybe soul) focus… Today I work with clients across the nation to create compelling copy, marketing strategies and provide one on one accountability coaching. I’m thrilled to do what I love and assist entrepreneurs, solopreneurs speakers and internet marketers achieve their dreams. I’m forever grateful for the moments of “uncomfortable uncertainty” that propelled me towards my life purpose. Sure, there’s more to the story but this has piqued your curiosity, hasn’t it?

What’s your story? Are you leveraging it in your bios and using it in your platform presentations?