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Winnie Kamuya Is A Woman You Need To Know!

Winnie Kamuya, Founder of Women in Leadership Conferences in Africa
Nairobi, Kenya

Winnie Kamuya is CEO of the International Renaissance Centre, Kenya a management Development centre that helps people discover and utilise their leadership skills. She is the Founder of Women in Leadership (WIL) Conferences in Africa and WIL Newsletter through which she inspires and transform others especially women. She is also the founder of Personal Assistant Award – Africa and The Assistant Newsletter through which she inspire others. She organised the teleconferences from USA on Lessons in Leadership which featured world leaders like Jack Welch, Prof. Prahalad, Giuliani, Dr. Blanchard, Dr. Kotter, Dr Maxwell, Abrashoff and Dr. Steve Lundin. She is a mentor and very passionate about making a difference in the world. Click here to learn more about Winnie.

Q: Winnie, why did you join WSA?

A: Public Speaking is the – the world’s greatest kept secret to success. I was organising the 6th Women in Leadership (2011) conference on “public speaking and presentations skills”. It came as a surprise to me that there was an association for women speakers. I am very happy to be part of an emerging “movement” that is seeking to create a totally new model for doing business and expressing one’s power and passion in the world. This is a new and wonderful decade for women. There will never be another decade like this one. Well done WSA.


  1. Mercy Chinula

    I am Mercy Chinula of Mzuzu University, Malawi. I have attended workshops initiated by Winnie Kamuya. The workshops have been beneficial and quite rewarding.

    I have learnt quite a lot as a woman leader from Winnie. She is an inspiration
    to other women. I am proud of Winnie as a woman leader of Africa.

    Bravo Winnie !

  2. Winnie is my fellow leader who likes good for others, C ONGS.

    Follow the link


  3. Hope Jemimah Kasimbazi


    Wow, this is powerful.

    I am Hope Jemimah Kasimbazi, The Inaugural Personal Assistant of the Year in Africa Award of Excellence Winner 2007.

    The prestigious title made a big turn in my life. I have gained skills, confidence and exposure. Since 2007, the title has made me to travel to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi, Mombasa, South Afirca just to mention but a few. I have also been privileged to make presentations at international fora.

    As a result of her concerted efforts, International Vibrant Professions (IVP) – a Social Group Uganda Chapter was formed in 2008 and has continued to prosper and attract new members day by day.

    I am thrilled by Winnie’s deserving recognition. As the Inaugural PA, I am proud to be associated with her achievement.

    Congratulations Winnie and keep up the excellent work.

  4. Christine Makamo

    Congratulations Winnie! You are indeed a Woman of Substance. Continue being an inspiration to the Women Folk.

    Big Up!

  5. Mirriam M Mutati

    Congratulatons Winnie!

    You make us proud as African Women. As Vice President of the Professional Secretaries Associatin of Zambia and 1st Runner-up Personal Assistant of the Year Award (2010) Winner , I wish to pass my heartfelt congratulations to you. You are an inspiration to all of us.

    Thumbs up to you.

  6. Dorothy Mbilinyi

    Hi Winnie
    Congratulations. You really deserve the title since yesterday. I am glad for you and please keep up inspiring more women to become leaders and speaker. Indeed it began with me (you). A big up lady. This is real awesome.

  7. Dorothy Mbilinyi

    Big ups Winnie

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