Mayumi Young, Lifestyle Design Entrepreneur, Financial Expert
San Diego, CA USA

Mayumi Young is a Global Ambassador for Financial Education and Empowerment, committed to helping people live a life that matters. After spending 6 years consulting Fortune 500 companies and managing a $½billion International Finance Division, she became an entrepreneur. Over the last 12 years, Mayumi has been committed to building businesses that make a difference for entrepreneurs, families, and women business owners. Having designed financial literacy programs for children, created entrepreneurial coaching programs, and formed a community to support professional CPA “MOMpreneurs”, her enduring commitment to financial education, entrepreneurial empowerment, and lifestyle design has been the common theme. Mayumi is currently the Managing Partner and Founder of CPA MOMS™ (, an agency that matches licensed CPAs that are moms with small business owners seeking high quality bookkeeping services at affordable rates. Since 2008, CPA MOMS™ has provided opportunities for “MOMpreneurs” nationwide to earn over $400,000, providing CPA Services at Bookkeeper Prices; a tremendous value proposition for the small business community. Click here to learn more about Mayumi.

Q: Mayumi, why did you join WSA?

A: Over the years I’ve created severalbusinesses as an expression of my commitment to lifestyle design and empowering youth and women entrepreneurs. My most recent business, CPA MOMS™, is an agency that matches licensed CPAs nationwide with small business owners seeking high quality bookkeeping services at affordable rates. Our professional “Mompreneurs” provide CPA Services at Bookkeeper Prices to entrepreneurs nationwide. I joined WSA because I saw it as a powerful global platform for my lifestyle design company, Inspire Learning, LTD ( to re-launch its’ Financial Literacy Curriculum for children in the home school market.  I’m looking forward to creating synergy through collaboration within this community and further expressing my mission of empowering people to design and live a life that matters. Liora and this global enterprise have created the perfect environment for women like myself to express our unique message to the world, and I’m excited to be a Founding Associate Member.ogether to share resources and give support to one another. Building relationships with other powerful and gifted women is a very effective way to build your business.