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By Adryenn Ashley

Author, Speaker & Chief Idea Bunny,
Tiburon, CA USA

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.” ― Bruce Lee

When I was learning to break boards with my fist, my sensei taught me not to focus on the board, but beyond it. This way the power continues through the goal rather than stopping at it. This is key to how I do all things! I think big! The bigger the better.

Those of you who know me have probably heard me reveal one of my goals is to win the Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing With The Stars by 2013. That’s certainly a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)! But think about it this way: it’s so big its hard to take your eye off it. It’s so lofty that all of the interim steps that have to be taken to get there seem trivial, easy by comparison.

So what do I need to win:

Build a following and visibility to get noticed and prove that I should be on the show. I’ve already begun growing my twitter and facebook fan base and building a strong email list as well as
alliances with other influential mompreneurs and internet titans like Tony Rocha. Who can you align with to grow your influence? Look for collaborators, people who share a similar target market and understand that there is enough business for all!

Engage followers that will vote when prompted and train them to spread the word. Mere numbers don’t mean anything if they can’t be counted on for support when you need it, like on Monday nights. I will NOT be the first one voted off just because I can’t get people to pick up the
phone! Just like in business, a big email list doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t convert to sales. Focus on the right people rather than the big numbers.

Be physically in shape enough to handle 4 weeks pre-show rehearsals and then a grueling 12 week show schedule. That’s a tall order for a girl who couldn’t walk for 6 years. But I’m working my way back because I want that trophy more than I want to rest on my handicap. When you are overcoming adversity, surround yourself with others who have done it.

Organize my business so that I can be gone for several hours a day or days at a time. All business owners should be able to take a vacation and not have their business suffer, but many cannot. Leverage and team is key. So I have developed a plan for the remainder of 2012 to build out my team and delegate as much as possible so that I can work from anywhere and my mandatory hours are at a minimum.

Arrange my personal life so that the most important person in my life can be with me, my son Jack. Thankfully, this step is DONE! How and why I chose to homeschool Jack is a whole other post in itself, but knowing that we can travel the world and so long as we have an internet connection, he can have school, makes life much more flexible and opens up the opportunity for us to have adventures! So as you can see, there’s a lot to do in a relatively short amount of time. But I don’t have any worries. I’ve mapped it out, and I’m focused, and by keeping my aim past all the goals that will make my business successful, it will naturally be successful. And I will get to my goal!

Try it! Leave a comment and tell me what’s your BHAG?

As a high content speaker, Adryenn Ashley delivers colossal take-away value and electrifies her audiences. She seamlessly blends years of online experience and real world situations into entertaining and mind- stretching presentations. With her background in finance, entertainment, and high tech, she knows how to monetize your ideas and take them viral.

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Adryenn is giving away 3 copies of her video, The Top 6 Steps To Reach Success”

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