How lucky we are to have Ellen Whitehurst, International Bestseller of Make This Your Lucky Day, sharing how you can make your own luck now! Ellen has gone above and beyond with her generosity…she’s giving away a “Box ‘O Fortune and Luck” to three lucky winners! Plus, she’s giving away a 15-minute astrological reading to an additional three winners! More info about Ellen and details on how to enter to win her “Box ‘O Fortune and Luck” & an astrological reading following her post. ***Giveaway below – Ends June 15th***

By Ellen Whitehurst

America’s Premier Expert in Feng Shui & Best-Selling Author
Virginia Beach, VA USA

Over the last twenty years I have had the great fortune, and, yes, some pretty good luck as well to be mentored and/or advised by some uber successful entrepreneurs, and, without exception, all of them firmly believed that both hard work AND luck put them on the proverbial and prosperous map. Many cited that chance opportunity or meeting that never might have happened if luck hadn’t stepped in.  And, now, thanks to some studies done by Richard Wiseman, PhD. regards how lucky people get that way, we now have a set of suggestions that can tip the success scales in our favor. Here now THREE STEPS that anyone can take to make their own luck now:

1. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT HUNCHES. Once again, recent research shows that trusting in your intuitive instincts is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure fortune in your future. The late Steve Jobs was an outspoken proponent of listening to your gut as evidenced by that stirring speech he offered a graduating class at Stanford. In that same speech Jobs said, “You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” He told the audience that embracing this approach had never let him down, but, rather, had made all the difference in his life.

2. EXPECT THE BEST. People who have been categorized as being lucky were also found to have far higher expectations of good things happening in their lives (and careers) than the ones who don’t. Studies show that lucky people indeed had exceedingly high expectations for every outcome and event the engaged in. Modern day psychology might call this ‘acting as if’ behavior but lucky people call this creating their future in a proactive and empowered way.

3. SAY YES! That’s what lucky people do – – they say “yes” to every opportunity regardless. Lucky people realize that something as seemingly benign as a conversation with a stranger standing next to you (or sitting in the seat next to you while listening to your favorite women speaker!) can be a ‘chance’ encounter that can change your life for the better.

Use any or all of these steps to create your more fortunate future and, as always, GOOD LUCK!

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Ellen Whitehurst is the author of the international bestseller, MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY DAY (Ballantine) as well as a daily contributor to Ellen is the Health and Wellness expert for and is a frequent features contributor to The Huffington Post, and other national women’s magazines such as ‘Redbook’ and ‘Seventeen.’ MORE magazine has called the Ellen Whitehurst brand a “mini holistic empire.” Ellen’s next endeavor, THE LUCK PROJECT, is set to debut in Summer 2012.

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Ellen will be giving away a “Box ‘O Fortune and Luck” that will include signed copies of her book, her ‘Good Fortune Coin Cure,’ a bottle of her Wealth Attracting Oil and a lucky envelope to be placed at the front door or in your wallet.

Plus, Ellen will also be giving away a 15-minute astrological reading to an additional three winners, who specifically drive traffic to her Facebook page.

The giveaway for a “Box ‘O Fortune” has the same rules as the other Speakerpalooza giveaways:

1. To enter to win, comment on this blog, leaving an email address to contact you in case you win. The winner will be selected based on the quality of your comment and the traffic you drive to her post from your social media channels.
2. The giveaway runs from now until June 15th at midnight. On May 18th, three winners will be chosen and contacted. They have 72 hours to reply before the prize defaults to the runner-up. Winners will be announced on June 25th here on the WSA featured blog.
3. Only one entry per giveaway. (But you can enter as many different Speakerpalooza giveaways as you want.)
4. International submission accepted!
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