Having syndicated her own blog, Lela Luxe, to Tyra Banks’ fashion and beauty site, TypeF.com, Martha Alburquerque knows what she’s talking about when it comes to social media and building your brand. Martha was kind enough to share her Top 5 Tips on getting your brand’s social media started with us below. More info on Martha follow her article.

By Martha Alburquerque

Founder of the Popular independent Lifestyle Blog, LelaLuxe
New York, NY USA

A social media outreach strategy should be part of every business plan. It’s a way for even the most secluded of businesses to build credibility, establish trust, and prove its existence to the world or to a specific market needed.

#1: Less Is More 
Zero in on only a few social networks (no more than 4) that you will focus on. It encourages a better experience between your brand and followers. Engagement and virality are significantly improved when focus is placed on a few outlets, rather than spreading the brand so thin that it’s interaction with fans (the purpose of social media) is compromised. Join Facebook, Twitter, and set up a corporate blog. This should be your base. Then, think about joining social networks that are more industry specific and relevant to your brand.

#2: Response Required
This is essential to building social following and increasing the virality of your brand. Keep active on all social networks by responding to fan comments and interacting with your strategic partners. On Twitter, responding to @mentions, thanking fans for following, initiating and joining conversations are ways to efficiently connect with your followers.

#3: Target Market
When reaching out to the interest world in search for followers or fans, make sure you target as specific a market as possible. This will encourage a greater chance of your updates (text, images, videos) going viral. A properly allocated group of fans is essential to a successful social media outreach.

#4: Bloggers Are Your Best Social Friends
Form strategic relationships with bloggers within your industry whose audience reflects the market you target. It’s the biggest bang for your buck—whether you approach it via the traditional press release method (free) or by offering sponsored posts.

#5: Get Pinning
Join Pinterest. This is especially important if you’re even remotely associated with the retail industry, but most businesses that express what their brand is via visual methods can reap the benefits of Pinterest. The new social network is currently growing at a higher rate than Facebook and is quite active.

Martha Alburquerque has been a social media consultant for over 6 years to start-ups and Fortune 500 brands in the fashion and beauty industries and is the founder of the popular independent lifestyle blog, Lela Luxe, which has been syndicated by Tyra Banks’ fashion and beauty site, TypeF.com. Martha has also written for Haute Living Magazine, Affluence.org, DerekLovesShopping.com, Examiner.com, and NYC’s El Diario.

 For more information on Martha, please visit: http://blog.lelaluxe.com

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