PR Expert Pam Perry knows what people want and she’s generous enough to share the answer with us below. Plus, Pam’s giving away some really cool social media swag to three lucky winners.  Details on how to enter to win following her post.  ***Giveaway below – Ends June 15th***

By Pam Perry

Emmy-Award Winning TV Producer, Columnist & Social Media/PR Coach
Farmington Hills, MI USA

I ask this question often because as a publicist working with authors, speakers, and business owners I know that people yearn for something deeper than money.

To be known. They want fame. They want “rock star” fame actually. Most people dream of being recognized on the street and having fans ask for their autograph.

To be rich from one “big” thing. We all need money to survive – that’s a given. Everyone wants to be paid well by having their “idea, product, service” so in demand that it makes them rich like
Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

To be powerful and have influence. People hunger for the kind of power where they can set trends and have their words quoted often in newspapers and magazines. Most want the “thought leader” position. Kinda like Seth Godin. He’s an author/blogger that speaks on marketing. And just about anything he says is “gold” and is retweeted hundreds and hundreds of times.

To have the “Good” life. People want cash, cars and a career that esteems them to “rock star rich” category. People want the easy life. The Good life looks a certain way. It looks like “Red Carpet” everyday. People who want the Good Life may appear vain or shallow – but really all they want is people around them to affirm them.

Yes, basically people want public AFFIRMATION. Take a look at social media – it’s like a popularity contest. People striving to be seen, heard, acknowledged – and given a “thumbs up.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing WRONG with wanting to be known, have power, have the good life and have people like you and affirm you. What’s crazy is wanting it and NOT working for it!!!

An “overnight” success usually takes about ten years.

So, what do people really want? To Be a Superstar! It is possible if you are willing to do the work and not just wishing and wanting. Do something.

So, what does it take to be a SUPER STAR?
1. Talent.
2. Courage.
3. Commitment.
4. Discipline.
5. Faith.
6. Education.
7. Support.
8. Sales skills.

Pam Perry is a “message strategist” working with emerging and best-selling authors, experts and entrepreneurs. Her focus includes the Christian book and niche social media markets.

As CEO of Ministry Marketing Solutions, she’s helped position, package and promote leading ministry brands and personalities. The Pam Perry Show has included celebrity authors like Kirk Franklin, Rev. Run and Yolanda Adams. Her unique ability is getting a client’s vision; understanding how to package it and providing the systems that make their goals real.

Perry, an Emmy-award winning TV producer, is also a regular columnist for Gospel Today, America’s #1 Christian Lifestyle magazine, and a popular contributor to conventional and blog media including and She speaks, writes and coaches on marketing, branding and public relationships in the age of Twitter and Facebook.

Pam lives in Detroit, MI with her husband of 16 years and their daughter.

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