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Mission Matters!


Coaching Institute CEO Sharon Pearson gets you thinking about what really matters in your business and how focusing on that can directly impact your bottom line. In addition to sharing her wisdom, Sharon is generously giving away TWO tickets to Create Your Extraordinary Life (value $2,497 each). Details on how to enter to win tickets follow Sharon’s post. ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***

By Sharon Pearson

CEO of The Coaching Institute, Entrepreneur & Author
Melbourne, Australia

In an economy which looks like it’s about to collapse, how do organisations do anything but focus on making money? After all, if they don’t they might become a statistic too, yes?

But what if… What if we as business owners focused on creating a culture where our people mattered more than anything, where Culture was King, and where results were measured in terms of living the values and mission, along with the bottom line?

And what if… What if doing this actually improved the bottom line?

Here’s the thinking.

A company that only focuses on the money will make one set of decisions. A company that has a team on a mission which includes making money and making a difference might make a different set of decisions.

And these two different companies will attract different employees. And this will attract different clients. Which will create a different culture.

Being a part of a mission based organisation means we hire people who want more than just a ‘job’. We hire people who want to ‘plug in’ to something greater than the average day. Which means we attract really outstanding people.

To attract them you have to have the culture that can deliver this.

So it becomes self perpetuating – you have the culture that attracts the best people, so you attract great people, who contribute to the great culture, which perpetuates attracting great people.

It becomes obvious that this will affect how your organisation performs. It will affect the clients. It will affect what decisions are made. It will affect how clients are served. It will affect every decision that is made.

A team on a mission will find a way to help a client. A way to keep a client. A way to go the extra mile for the client. A way to wow the client.

And I think this might impact the bottom line.

An organisation that is on a mission is going to attract purpose driven people. The results will be inevitable.


Sharon Pearson established The Coaching Institute as a way to assist future coaches to receive the level of training they need to be successful in a competitive marketplace. A specialist speaker in the area of small business marketing success, Sharon has a reputation for delivering with passion, fun and energy and is a successful entrepreneur, author and speaker who designs her presentation with the client and message in mind. As well as challenging the participants to rethink their approach to marketing their business, Sharon has the ability to move her listeners to challenge what they believe is possible, regardless of the circumstances. Winner of the Telstra Business Awards in 2006, and Victorian Business Woman of the Year in 2010. 2010 also saw the release of Sharon’s very first best seller “Simple Strategies for Business Success” – How to win the game of business and live life on your terms!

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Sharon is giving away TWO tickets to Create Your Extraordinary Life (value $2,497 each).

Create Your Extraordinary Life is your opportunity to discover how your thinking has shaped your life and how you can change any direction your heading, by understanding and unlocking the power of your mind to design your life blueprint, dumping the limits that have held you back and discovering how to live your life on your terms. Create Your Extraordinary Life is your opportunity to explore the world that is NLP and understand the keys to the human mind so you can create powerful and long lasting life change. Redefine YOU.  Create lasting MOMENTUM.  Unlock your own brilliant POTENTIAL.

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  1. Letitia Owen

    Thank you for leading the way Sharon. Finally a leader who cares about her team. Who makes every client, every student, every prospect, every customer, feel as though they have come home. Then when you get home you are greeted with a party, bells, horns, whistles, so much that fills you up and you go to bed satisfied only to bounce out of bed ready for the HELL YEAH breakfast being served…following that – a day of obstacle courses, labyrinth’s, and the occasional bootscootin shindigs, before a moment of reflection and planning on how to rock it out tomorrow…always a WOW moment guaranteed and yes…I speak from experienced!

  2. Carol Johnston

    Sharon, I just love your way of thinking. You are an inspiration. I would love the opportunity to win tickets. If I don’t I will be meeting you next year when I start studying to be a coach at The Coaching Institute. I can’t wait to get started

  3. Sharon we have not met yet however I think you are an extraordinary inspiration, I love love love listening to your work and reading your amazing books, thanks, glad others love your work too.

  4. Kerrie McKenzie

    Dear Sharon,
    Re: your above article.
    As I personally know by all my communications, dvds, cds, weekend course and recent enrolment with the TCI, that it is what you personally strive for within your own company and your staff equally deliver on a consistent basis. I wanted the best of the best training and resources, but of equal importance was ‘who’ I was training with. I wanted an exceptional experience with people who were tuned in, tapped in & turned on.
    This is what I am receiving and benefiting from, and it is my sincerest wish that I can emulate this extraordinary experience with my future business and relationships. I once stated to your staff, the beautiful Fiona M, after listening to your cds, Extraordinary Living, that ” I was blown away by your ability to deliver such impacting information was awesome and that I would not like to take you on in a debate!”, to which she generously laughed, then shared her whit, compassion & walked through that experience with me.
    Your article is impressive on it’s merits alone, and it is extraordinary because I would liken it to ‘a living organism’ of your work.
    I wish you much success.
    Kind regards,
    Kerrie McKenzie

  5. Leah Thomas

    Just what I needed to hear, at just the right time, thanks again Sharon! Please do not stop writing and spreading your philosophy, I love it.

  6. Sharon Pearson and the Coaching Institute rocked my world in Jan 2011…. for 28 years (I am 40 now) I believed that I wasn’t good enough… to hell with that….. life is short and Sharon taught me the skills I needed to change my mindset …I am good enough for me and that is enough !!! …now that I have started on this amazing journey of self discovery and helping others to do the same I would love to continue to grow on my journey and create my extraordinary life so I can also pass that onto others as well….as Sharon says life is about …loving, learning, giving and growing. heres to creating an extraordinary life…. and for me living my life on my terms……
    Thanks for rockin my world Denise Lambie

  7. Jennifer Long

    Sharon Pearson and my new friends and colleagues (whom I haven’t met yet) have inspired me to be brave, to face uncertainties and aim to be the best ‘Me’ that I can be. I have always been ‘the quiet one’ in friendships groups, and, even though I have not even done my Intake weekend yet, I am stepping up and speaking out. I’m organising gatherings and happenings with ever- increasing confidence. Oh, I used to pretend to be confident (fake it until you make it), but now I am changing my mind-set to begin a wonderful journey to find myself and inspire others.
    Surprisingly and to my delight, my husband (who was totally opposed) is now becoming supportive in my endeavours. I think he actually likes the changes that are happening, slowly but surely.
    And this has come about just by signing on the dotted line, making a commitment to myself and getting so much amazing support I have received from Sharon and the team at The Coaching Institute.
    Thank you so much!

  8. Sharon, I love this, thankyou for sharing.

    I’ve had a mission quietly brewing away in my mind for years, and hadn’t known what to do about it. Then I finally took a deep breath and said it out loud at my Coaching Institute Intake weekend – ‘Everyone can enjoy their work’. It felt sooooo good! It became my reality!

    And I believe it is a twofold challenge – From above: companies and leaders and the culture they develop, and from below: individuals with what they choose to bring each and every day.

    Having experienced the magic of the TCI – the training, the culture, the people, the community, the results – I know it can be done, and I’m excited by the possibilities and opportunities to spread the ripples. The challenge of this becoming really real in large organisations (no more lip service!) makes me salivate from the empowerment TCI started, and the community continues to spread. Thankyou for highlighting something so important.

    And thankyou for creating the vehicle for us to act on our mission and realise our dreams!

  9. claudine Burgess

    Dear Sharon ,

    What a year it has been ….. the first day I stepped inside TCI I knew was at the right place to learn the skills from the best to become an outstanding coach. I am so grateful to be on this amazing journey ! I really like to thank you and your amazing staff for the support to continue the coaching when was thinking to give up when diognosed with breast cancer. The coaching tools I have learned so far has helped me not only to discover who am I as do believe to become an excellent coach is to start with yourself. It has sparked me further with enormous passion to serve others to enhance their quality of life to be successful on a personal level and in business. What i love is you challenge us to become unique within our style , nish of coaching. The training you provide is sensational , the student support is absolutly high class , the webinars excellent and the genorisity to the resources world class. My curiousity is high and look forward doing more training in NLP masters , trainers to trainers and disque . When I have done my diploma by the end of the year , can say will be a very proud TCI coach. Sharon thank you for teaching , sharing your high proffesinalism knowledge can only say TCI is the number One school in the world.

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