Are YOU sure your online marketing is as streamlined as it needs to be?

online communicationLet me take that question a step further … have you considered marketing audits for all of your offerings and revenue streams?

Do you have a system in place to monitor communications and make sure your team (current or previous) sets up your online communications properly?

I am seriously asking this and for a very good reason. AND part of that reason is I learned the hard way that you must personally spot check the work your team is doing (or enlist the support of someone you trust) to make sure it’s done properly and in some cases, that it’s done at all…

Remember how I share that each of your online offerings needs to have its own strategy (that means external marketing and internal marketing). I often teach by example and this valuable lesson can save you time, money and lost clients. I double checked on an auto-responder email series for a specific offering and I found that the AR’s were set up but the content was NOT loaded. WHAT?!!

This means that my clients who ordered that specific product were not receiving the intended follow up marketing messages to let them know how I can best support them. They had been getting blank messages with only a subject line. YIKES!!!.

This should have been ready to go and tested by previous team members and it WASN’T. I wrote the copy and sent it off to be proofed and loaded and it didn’t happen. I have to take some responsibility because I should have been spot checking and insisted that the test email series were sent directly to me for final approval. I’ve since set up a system to monitor all communications for all new products and services (and we’re double checking all the  current ones, too).

Needless to say, it was a BIG surprise to find this error and an opportunity to improve systems.  AND this experience is exactly why online marketing message and strategy audits are necessary (we shouldn’t have to micro manage but clearly there needs to be some additional quality control and systems
in place). How long has it been since you checked your email sequences, opt in offer and follow up correspondence?

I’m so glad I checked this myself (albeit a bit disappointed that the job was NOT done as reported). I wonder how much potential business that team  mistake cost me? I wonder if similar mistakes are costing you business?

Sadly this isn’t an isolated situation. Not in my business and likely not in yours unless you already have systems in place and are regularly reviewing  content and strategy. If so, good for you! It’s important and if you’d like some support, I can help.

Here are 7 steps to a successful marketing audit:

1. Review revenue streams and projections to make sure they are realistic and attainable not just based on someone selling you “hope”

2. Make adjustments and suggestions for new direction as necessary and in alignment with YOUR big vision

3. Revisit your strategy to plan for success based on creating a lifestyle that fully supports you

4. Update web content, strategies and packages to ensure you’re connecting genuinely with your ideal prospects and moving them to paying customers (This is often where unrealistic web expectations are uncovered, and this is a really good thing, because it could mean uncovering additional revenue streams and/or ways to increase profits)

5. Review your opt in offer and follow up email sequence to make sure it’s in alignment with your goals and what your clients want (this can include review and update of email sequences for each of your offerings)

6. Create an Internet marketing editorial calendar so your marketing efforts strategically support your revenue goals (I call them content strategy plans and you can read about some of the results my techniques have generated for clients here) to support your projections and revenue goals

7. Consistently review and monitor your results for a mutually agreed upon amount of time(6 months is often optimal and then you can reassess what you really want, need and have achieved before you renew).

When enlisting the support of an outside party, clearly outline the benchmarks you want to achieve during your contracted time (This should be based on YOUR goals. This should not be cookie cutter — it should be personalized and if it isn’t RUN, don’t walk, away!

Is it time for a marketing audit?

When was the last time you fully reviewed your revenue streams and marketing messages?

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