Artistry of ChangeCarla Rieger is the Director of The Artistry of Change Inc. She connects people to their creative purpose as change artists in their communities, businesses and organizations. Carla has undergraduate and graduate work in English, Psychology, Theatre, Communication, Organizational Development, Adult Education, and Conflict Resolution. On the artistic side she has performed in dozens of plays and musicals, written seven plays, a screenplay and a novel. Her specialty has been theatrical improvisation and Carla has founded three theatre troupes. In non-fiction she has written five books, over 80 online learning programs, as well as over 100 articles that have appeared in a wide variety of journals.

After years of interviewing change leaders and visionary business owners she noticed that those with training in the arts seemed to be better at manifesting their visions in the real world. Because at its core, the creative process and the change process are one and the same. Thus, the Artistry of Change was born. That is why Carla Rieger focuses on bringing secrets from the world of the arts into leadership, particularly when presenting to groups and facilitating group dialogue.

On the personal front, her innovative approach to leadership is entirely self- taught. Carla came from a grim, workaholic family and subsequently led her life that way until she had a complete burnout. Soon after that her father died, and she discovered a hidden box of mementos that suggested he had changed his identity at least twice in his life. With the help of genealogical researchers Carla uncovered amazing family secrets, heartbreaking stories and colourful people that she felt deserved a voice. This led to a complete re-awakening of her purpose and life’s work.

The journey of uncovering these secrets fully transformed her whole approach to life and leadership. She has intricately woven her story and those of her family together into an award winning book entitled The Change Artist, whereby three generations of the same family explore the challenge of being a leader and an artist of your own destiny.

Her work as a speaker, trainer, author, and performer has been featured on radio, TV and in magazines. As a frequent presenter before all types of groups internationally, Carla helps them communicate their message with integrity, authenticity and creativity.