Women Speakers Association (WSA) believes that collaboration is the new currency. As such, it has built itself from the ground up by developing partnerships with like-minded organizations who share in our vision and mission to support women everywhere in getting their message out into the world. We are proud to announce our newest partner…The International Women’s Leadership Association (TheIWLA).

As an organization whose mission is to encourage and empower women to reach their greatest potential and to support other women to do the same, TheIWLA is perfectly aligned with WSA.

TheIWLA was born out of the recognition that women need and deserve a platform dedicated to the trials and the triumphs that are a part of their everyday life; at home, in the workplace and in the community.

No woman should feel she is alone as she faces these challenges. No woman should feel she is ‘doing it wrong’. No woman should be left wondering where to turn.

TheIWLA is their solution-provider.  Through diverse and dynamic resources, most importantly women, themselves, TheIWLA offers reliable ‘on demand’ resources that flex to the needs of the individual and to the greatest degree possible, in consideration of the needs of the collective conscience.

In the purest sense, TheIWLA advocates for a better tomorrow through the women who aspire to be influencers at a time when their capacity to contribute is only surpassed by their desire to do so.

In joining forces with TheIWLA, we will be able to be a demonstration of what it looks like when women support women in doing what it is we came here to do…to get our voices heard and make the difference we came here to make.

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