Carla RiegerCarla Rieger
Vancouver, Canada
Speaker, Coach, Educator




Carla Rieger is the Director of The Artistry of Change Inc. She connects people to their creative purpose as change artists in their communities, businesses and organizations. Carla has undergraduate and graduate work in English, Psychology, Theatre, Communication, Organizational Development, Adult Education, and Conflict Resolution. On the artistic side she has performed in dozens of plays and musicals, written seven plays, a screenplay and a novel. Her specialty has been theatrical improvisation and Carla has founded three theatre troupes. In non-fiction she has written five books, over 80 online learning programs, as well as over 100 articles that have appeared in a wide variety of journals.

We are thrilled to announce that Carla is also the WSA Director of Education.

Why WSA?

I joined WSA because I was brainstorming one day with my friend, Jana Stanfield. We’ve both been on the speaking circuit over 20 years and noticed that some of the men we started out with had risen to much higher fees and had many more engagements per year than some of the women we had started out with. Even though those women were excellent and just as good as the men, if not better. We also noticed we were often the only  women speakers at many conferences even though the audiences were often more than half women. I had recently run an event for women speakers called The Wise Woman Event to showcase and encourage women speakers and we were brainstorming about how to create more of these opportunities. In our research we came across The Women Speakers Association and thought that it would be great to liaise with them. The very next week I was at an event in Seattle (I’m from Vancouver) and met the amazing Gail Watson of WSA who also lived in the Vancouver area. The synchronicity of that made me decide to sign up on the spot.