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Negotiation Skills For Women Speakers

How willing are you to ask for what you want?

When we think about negotiating for something we want, many women tend to recoil. Instantly we’re driven into fear of being seen as pushy, demanding and a whole host of negative impressions. However, negotiating is a part of our everyday life whether we think about it or not.   Would you like to learn how to get over the fear of a simple ask? You have the ability to negotiate well and feel good about it.


On this August 3rd WSA-TV episode our expert shared

the power of negotiation in your speaking business.

featuring: Eldonna Lewis Fernandez

Advice from our WSA Expert

We asked our featured guest to share some of her valuable wisdom with us.

Eldonna reminds us: “The Power is in The Work, You do The Work, you will have The Power to make your goals and dreams a reality. There is no quick flip a light switch to make it happen. Get the right coaches and mentors to guide you and do the work to make it a real.”

Negotiation Skills

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez is Negotiation, Communication & Experiential Training Expert. She works with women, corporations and associations. Eldonna teaches people to Own their power by asking for exactly what they want and get it every single time. She’ll help you master the skills to be a successful negotiator and get a great deal personally and professionally. For speakers she supports them in building a foundation to gain credibility, maximum exposure and accelerated success in the speaker industry. Learn more about Eldonna at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here:

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