Yes, change can be easier than we think.

When faced with change (voluntary or not) often there is dread and resistance associated with it. We may experience anxieties, fear, and other emotions that stagnate life. However, change can be easy with a few simple techniques. Depending on the change you need to make or want to make, you can implement one or more of the steps recommended during this episode of Let us know how you manage change too in the comments.

On this November 16th WSA-TV episode our Premier Experts offer several approaches to embracing change.

Featuring: V.Lynn Hawkins, Jenny Mannion & Karolyn Boyd

Advice from our WSA Experts

We asked our featured guests to share some of their valuable wisdom with us.

V.Lynn shares that “Sometimes you have to take a risk. That risk might be to step out of the shadows, or see (even get help to see) a bigger vision for yourself and your business or get help to release whatever blocks may be holding you back, whether you’re stuck in a cycle of doubting self-talk, or distracted by all the shiny objects. That risk might be to invest in yourself to get the business growth, the strategy development, or the mindset transformation help you need. Don’t wait. Take the risk. Every risk has its reward and when you take a risk for yourself, for your business, for your growth, your reward is tremendous. When I work with clients, I speak to the risk of staying where you are, struggling, questioning, doubting, crying, or whatever … or taking the risk to clarify your vision, ground in your vibration of having what you want, releasing your unique voice because you’re clear on where you’re going and why, and stepping into the light of the visibility to let the world know you’re here. That is Stepping Up and Stepping In to do business BIG.”

Jenny says “Change can be easier than you were ever told and it begins within. Knowing you are worthy and deserving of the life of your dreams is the start and sometimes needs a little work. Having a toolbox to pull from with many tools that can be utilized in under 5 minutes a few times a day can truly change your life.”

Karolyn reminds us to “Determine your powerful “Why”.”


V.Lynn Hawkins is a Business Acceleration Coach who helps heart-centered women entrepreneurs build holistic, sustainable, fast growing businesses and have fun in the process. She works with them to overcome doubt and fear using Hypnosis, NLP and her signature form of EFT to get through the mental, emotional and physical blocks to release underearning and build confidence to charge what they’re worth. Learn more about Lynn and her work at

Jenny Mannion is an Author and Intuitive Healer who works with people wanting change. She offers people tools to defeat stress and move into personal power to create the life they want. I help people see how easy change can be. Learn more about Jenny and her work at

Karolyn Boyd is an Author, Speaker, Weight Management and Diabetes Specialist. She works with people who are at a plateau with their weight management and are frustrated with their efforts to succeed. She helps people feel great and lose weight easily, naturally and efficiently. Learn morea bout Karolyn and her work at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: