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Do you dread the thought of marketing your business via video?

Does the thought of stepping in front of the camera send you into a panic?

On this podcast Sue Ferreira shares her insight into how to use video to create more income, more impact and more influence:

  • Learn how to become camera confident, so you can enjoy using video, to share your story, your wisdom and your offers and grow your influence, impact and income.
  • Understand how simple and user friendly the tech of video has become and how you can benefit from using simple video tools.
  • Today over 80% of all web traffic is video, so using video is no longer an option but a must. Interestingly, the link to a YouTube Channel, one of the most powerful ways to become visible, is not one of the requested links for this podcast application.

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About Sue Ferreira

After forty years practising as an anesthesiologist in the invisible world of the Operating Room, for my Second Act, I have transformed my world to showing you how be Visible with Video.

Living in this exciting time of rapid but unsettling change, I realized many women were having challenges embracing the power of video, as a marketing tool. Camera shyness and techy terrors hold many back from extending their reach, influence, impact and income.

Knowing I can make you camera and tech confident, I created Wisdom To Wealth Mastery, enabling you to take your Wisdom to the World with Video.

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