Here are tips to easily build your brand and quickly raise your visibility to gain a competitive edge online.

Women Speakers Association specializes in visibility for women with a passion. We’ve been doing that for 10 years and the ways we do that continue to evolve. In fact, every new benefit of membership and opportunity is geared to help women members stand out, grow their influence, and make the bigger impact they dream of. Today we’re talking about specific ways you can raise your visiblity and create a competittive edge online with Gail Watson, Founder of Women Speakers Association and Michela Quilici, Global Operations and Training Director who are our experts on visibility.

On you can watch our recent episode with Charmaine Hammond and Jackie Lapin on how they have gained more visibility from their involvement and membership in the community.

In our community you can take advantage of several visibility opportunities.

1. Every member receives an directory profile page on the largest speaker directory used by event planners across the globe
2. Members also receive a Profile Review call with insider tips to make their directory listing stand out
3. Join a monthly networking meeting and have a chance to feature yourself to other women in the community who may be new clients or alliances
4. Connect with your Globabl
5. New members are often invited to be featured on our WSA-TV livestream panel to our community and the public on Facebook, YouTube and our blog
6. New authors can opt for video interview
7. We have many more opportunties for visibility.

As you can see there are a variety of ways Women Speakers Association can put you in the limelight. However, you’ll want to be strategic about it as Michela has emphasized.

Please join us for the upcoming trining June 9 at 1 pm PT for a deep dive into how to eaily build your brand and quickly raise your visibility to gain a cometitive edge online RSVP at – all replays are available to members too.