By Lisa Manyon, President, Write On ~ Creative Writing Services, LLC

If your website isn’t helping you regularly attract speaking opportunities you are missing a huge opportunity as a speaker. There are times that women speakers are so busy working their magic they don’t pay close enough attention to what’s really happening with their website. If your website isn’t building relationships, getting clients, helping you book more speaking gigs AND ultimately making money, what is the point of having a website?

It’s smart business to leverage online technology and let it work for you. When you think about it, your website can help connect you with potential speaking opportunities 24/7. It may be time to carefully review your web flow and your copy to make sure you’re using your word to build relationships and promote your speaking offerings.

Here are three key elements your website must have if you want it to really work for you.

A fully functioning website must:

1. Provide a clear pathway to build relationships online (if this isn’t happening, chances are you have a static, brochure relationship and that’s a waste of money)

2. Get clients or speaking gigs by continuing the relationship online so people know, like and trust you and move on to the next step

3. Connect with clients so they’ll invest in your products, services and books you’ll ultimately make money

If this isn’t happening there is clearly a challenge with your website and it’s time to review your web flow as well as content.

Ask yourself if your website is achieving each of these three functions or is it’s time for that annual review?