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By Lisa Sasevich

The Queen of Sales Conversion
La Jolla, CA USA

Many of you are playing the follow-up game.

You have people who say, “Oh, I really want to coach with you,” but they haven’t made the investment yet. Or somebody’s been looking at doing a VIP day with you, but they haven’t gotten back to you. Or you’re having a live training and 20 people have said they want to be in it, but no one’s ponied up yet.

We’ve all been there, right?

So how do you get all these people who say they want to work with you to commit? It’s actually very easy. You just have to use limiters. Structure them in right up front.

A limiter is an incentive to buy now. It’s your “Today-Only” discount or your “Fast-Action” scholarship or a bonus they get only if they invest by a certain time. Limiters are the secret sauce in your Irresistible Offer.

The news gets even better! If you have open offers out there, you can go back to those same people, re-engage them and, in a very relaxed way, present a new limiter. You can close a lot of open business with just this one lucrative tip.

How It Works. 
For instance, in my home-study course, The Invisible Close, I talk about a roofer who had all these roofing bids out that he couldn’t seem to close. So, I sent him back to those people to present a new limiter.

He said, “Hey, we gave you a bid about a week ago. Just wanted to let you know that we are in the area and our crews are running very efficiently right now.”

He continued, “Because we’re ahead of schedule, if you decide by Friday that you’d like to get started, we’re going to upgrade you to an A-grade roof for the same price I quoted you for the B-grade roof you were considering. That’s a $1,500 value plus it comes with a 10-year warranty so you will have no risk of additional costs!”

Just by adding that limiter, the roofer was able to close 4 out of 10 of the open offers that were hanging around.

If you’re trying to fill your event, you can go back and say, “Hey, I know you said you wanted to come to the seminar. The tickets are going fast and it really helps me to get everybody on board. As an incentive for you to secure your seat today, our speaker who is teaching on social media is doing a special closed-door session the first night on how to double your Facebook following in a week. He helped me do that and his strategy is not-to-miss!”

Many speakers and experts you know will donate that kind of stuff because they want to get additional exposure to people who have displayed that they are action takers who invest in themselves.

What If They Go Away? 
Now, you might be afraid that if you use a limiter and the prospects don’t act in time, they’re going to go away. You know what? That’s fine, because you never really had them anyway.

No amount of incentives or limiters will inspire someone to buy who is simply not interested. The limiters serve to help people who are on the fence to act now. If they never even made it to the fence, the limiter will likely have no effect.

But in either case, you get closure. You stop playing the follow-up game. And you get to focus on what matters, which is being of service to the people you’re here to help!

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