In collaboration with Imal Wagner PR, Women Speakers Association will be hosting our Inaugural Speakerpalooza blog tour this entire month of May, in which 30 “Women of Influence” will be featured as a guest blogger to share their voice and passion in a written post or video on our blog. These women are some of the most dynamic, innovative and inspiring women on the planet – women committed to serving and enriching the lives of their clients, their companies, communities and the world. Amongst these extraordinary women, we will also be featuring one “Man of Influence” who has supported millions of women to empower their voice. Throughout the month, there will be lots of giveaways, freebies and other fun goodies so be sure to check in every day.

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Who Are The Women Of Speakerpalooza?

(Links Go Live On Their Posting Date)

May 1stSandra Finley (President, League of Black Women) Chicago, IL USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 2ndArielle Ford (Bestselling Author of The Soulmate Secret & Wabi Sabi Love) La Jolla, CA USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 3rd Ellen Whitehurst (America’s Premier Expert in Feng Shui & Bestselling Author of Make This Your Lucky Day) Virginia Beach, VA USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 4thRania Azmi (Strategic Advisor to one of the Largest Sovereign Wealth Funds in the World & International Association for Feminist Economics Key Contact in Egypt & Kuwait) Kuwait City, Kuwait ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 5th Bonnie Reiss (Former Secretary of Education for the State of California & CEO, BMR Consulting Group) Malibu, CA USA
May 6thNancy Giordano (Branding Futurist & Licensee TEDx Austin) Austin, TX USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 7th
Debbie Ford (NY Times Bestselling Author & Internationally Acclaimed Film-Maker) San Deigo, CA USA
May 8thMartha Alburquerque (Social Media Consultant & Founder of Lela Luxe, which has been syndicated by Tyra Banks’ fashion and beauty site) New York, NY USA
May 9thMarcia Weider(Founder/CEO, Dream University) Santa Monica, CA USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 10thJulie Spira (Bestselling Author, Cyber-Relations & Online Dating Expert) Los Angeles, CA USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 11thWinnie Kamuya (Founder, International Women’s Conference) Nairobi, Kenya ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 12thGabrielle Bernstein (#1 Bestselling Author of Spirit Junkie) New York, NY USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 13thLatham Thomas (Prenatal Wellness Expert & Founder of New York, NY USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 14th Jamie Roberts (Director of Casting, Walt Disney Studios Feature Animation) Los Angeles, CA USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 15thJohn Gray (The World’s Leading Relationship Expert & Author of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus) Mill Valley, CA USA ***Special Giveaway***
May 16thRhonda Britten (Emmy Award-Winner & Founder, Fearless Living Institute) Los Angeles, CA USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 17thPam Perry (Social Media & PR Coach) Farmington Hills, MI USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 18thAdryenn Ashley (Business Architect) Tiburon, CA USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 19thZhena Muzyka (Founder, Zhena’s Tea) Ojai, CA USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 20thRenae Bluitt (PR and Lifestyle Marketing Specialist & Founder, New York, NY USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 21st –  Lisa Sasevich (Queen of Sales Conversion) La Jolla, CA USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 22ndLiz Strauss (International Business Strategist) Chicago, IL USA
May 23rdSharon Pearson (CEO, The Coaching Institute) South Melbourne, Australia ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 24thMaria Killam (Internationally Sought-After Colour Expert, Decorator & Stylist) North Vancouver, Canada ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 25thCarrie Wilkerson (Consultant/Strategist & Author of The Barefoot Executive) Springtown, TX USA***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 26thGail Goodwin (Ambassador of Inspiration & Founder, Inspire Me Today) Whitefish, MT USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 27thWahida Clark (NY Times Bestselling Author & Founder, W. Clark Publishing) East Orange, NJ USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 28thTracey Ferguson (Founder, Jones Magazine) Houston, TX USA
May 29th
Marci Shimoff (#1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy For No Reason & Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul) San Rafael, CA USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***
May 30thPauletta Walsh (Executive Director, American Women For International Understanding) Oak View, CA USA
May 31stMary Morrissey (Bestselling Author, Transformational Coach, International Speaker & Founder of the Life Masetery Intitute) Simi Valley, CA USA ***Giveaway Ends June 15th***