Executive Director of American Women for International Understanding, Pauletta Walsh, brilliantly opens our eyes to the seeming advancement of women’s liberation through the last century and charges each one of us with the responsibility to do our part in causing a fundamental shift to raise women’s status equal to that of men. This video is a must watch!
More details on Pauletta and American Women for International Understanding in her bio below.

By Pauletta Walsh
Executive Director, American Women for International Understanding
OakView, CA USA

The year 2020 is the 100th Anniversary of women achieving the right to vote in the United States. During the past century, many countries allowed women to vote. A few not. Many countries have basic rights and freedoms for women. Many do not. The aim of this talk is: first, to educate the audience about the history of women’s liberty over the past 5000 years; second, to illustrate the current situation of women, throughout the globe, using the US Bill of Rights as the benchmark for individual freedom; and third, to ask people to consider their responsibility toward the one half of humanity that does not enjoy the freedom that men generally enjoy. The goal of “Arise and Shine” is that through common effort, education and global understanding, that there will be substantial and measurable gains in the status of women by the year 2020. What part will you play in this historic event? “A World with Liberty for All is Truly Unprecedented!”

Pauletta Walsh is the director of American Women for International Understanding, a nonprofit organization of citizen diplomats, who since 1968 have created an international network of women to foster goodwill among nations. Previously, Ms. Walsh was an Assistant Dean at the School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University. In Washington, D.C. Pauletta served four years at the United States Department of State working in the Bureau of Public Affairs and the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs as Television and Media Advisor.

Ms. Walsh earned a Masters of Public Policy in International Relations and was awarded the prestigious Presidential Management Fellowship in 2004. Ms. Walsh’s primary area of research was the status of women and the development of Middle Eastern and Silk Road societies. In 2000, Pauletta was the inaugural Director of the Ojai Film Festival, a
successful film festival now in its twelfth year. She has written for numerous publications and has written and produced television segments and documentaries.

While living in Connecticut, Ms. Walsh ran for State Representative and served on the Connecticut State Film Commission. Pauletta appeared in a one-woman show about Zelda Fitzgerald at the Long Wharf Theater in 1999, capping a long career in the performing arts. Pauletta acted in films, television, and theater, and sang with groups and in musicals, releasing a record of original music in 1986. She taught dance at Monterey Peninsula College, for the Santa Cruz Cultural Council, as well as founding the California Academy for the Performing Arts. Pauletta earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Pennsylvania State University, where she was a Renaissance Scholar.

For more information on Pauletta and American Women for International Understanding, please visit: AWIU.org


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