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By Nancy Giordano
Brand Futurist & Lead Curator TEDxAustin
Austin, TX USA

While the Mayans may or may not have called it right, it feels pretty clear that the world we all counted on is in a giant moment of transition. There are the big moments we all take notice of – such as the Arab Spring – and then there are the ones that happen each day inside companies of all sizes awakening to the very real need to transform their businesses.

I see it every single day. And it’s not easy.

But there is a palpable shift taking place. New paths are opening for positive, sustainable, and truly audacious change. Can you feel it? If not, listen closely – it’s coming. The future is calling to us.

And it needs YOU!

Both life and business are moving ever faster. Technology is changing, information is growing and culture is shifting exponentially. As it all transitions so quickly, how can we anticipate – and prepare for – what’s coming next? And most importantly, how do we find where we contribute the most?

The tough reality is that we’re all looking for MORE: information, transparency, value, personalization, innovation, immediacy! And we increasingly expect it for LESS: time, money, energy.

Plenty of tension here.

And every decision is becoming more complex, causing us to feel increasingly overwhelmed and unsure of whom to trust or which choices to make. At the heart of it, we want to live the best life possible and thus are constantly calibrating how close or far we are from that reality.

The brands and leaders who understand and genuinely want to meet these growing needs are miles ahead of the rest. And are thriving in what others consider to be tumultuous times. They sense the vast possibilities ahead and are confidently marching toward them.

The year of Transformation.

It’s the time of great transition — and visionary leadership. There really is no other choice. And the trick to addressing the future is to keep your eye on two clocks at once: addressing immediate needs both inside and outside your organization with genuine insight and empathy, while also looking toward the horizon for the chance to truly transform your company, your industry and — along the way, quite possibility — the world.

Thank you for all you’re already doing! Now, take a deep, cleansing breath. Invite Imagination and Contribution into your strategic plans. And enjoy creating what only you can. Playing big feels so damn good.

With an abundance of energy and passion, Nancy Giordano has spent her career building, shaping and reviving many of the country’s most prestigious brands. As a brand futurist, she sees the powerful possibilities that exist at the intersection of cultural, demographic and values trends. With a unique ability to synthesize all she sees (and feels), Nancy is frequently invited to share her future-forward perspectives at conferences and in client boardrooms across the world. Building her career at several of the top ad agencies in NY, Chicago and LA, Nancy has developed a proprietary Future of Branding model and led transformation strategies for multi-billion dollar companies such as Safeway’s highly successful “Ingredients for Life” effort, Ryland Homes, Nestlé Prepared Foods, Deluxe, and Burger King’s family business, — as well as our beloved Tournament of Roses parade! She’s also a mom to three very curly haired, fast growing children.

For more information on Nancy, please visit www.playbiginc.com


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