The Queen of Thug Love Fiction Wahida Clark inspires millions through her own books and the works of others she publishes. The stories are raw and real. They represent a celebration of the human spirit, for the authors themselves are a demonstration of what’s possible – that we can overcome anything – no matter how tragic or defeating. We are so grateful to Wahida for opening up her world with us and for her generosity in giving away 2 signed books and a private one-on-one consult to three lucky winners. More info on Wahida and details on how to enter to win her giveaway follow her post. ***Giveaway below – Ends June 15th***

By Wahida Clark

Best Selling Author & Publisher
East Orange, NJ USA

Many authors that I have published through W Clark Publishing have overcome tremendous adversity and somehow have prevailed. Al Dickens is one such author, whose story I’d like to share with you…

In jail for 50 years, Al Dickens was 22 years old when he started serving prison time, May 1960. Since then Al Dickens, author of this wonderful book, Uncle Yah Yah has done time in maximum and minimum penitentiaries all over the United States. Al was sentenced to 76 years for state and federal bank robberies. However, the prison turned out to be a golden opportunity for Al to get a formal education; and he took full advantage of it. By the time Al completed two years of college, and with several years of notes on reading that was meaningful to him, Al compiled his notes and created the fictional character “Uncle Yah Yah” as a venue through which to communicate his insight with the next generation. He had also co-authored three other books. Al presently resides in East Orange, NJ and mentors ex-offenders and at-risk youth. Uncle Yah Yah 21st Century Man of Wisdom part 2 is his second release under Yah Yah Publications. I’m proud to share this excerpt with you…

UNCLE YAH YAH, CAN YOU TELL us anything about the Egyptian Book of the Dead?” was the next question asked. “Yes, The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a very powerful book, but it is one of the most misunderstood books in the world today. However, I am blessed to be one of the few people instructed with the key to unlock the secret of this great book. I will tell it to you. “In ancient times when a pharaoh or king of Egypt died, the high priest was responsible for seeing that the pharaoh’s spirit found its way across the river of death, to reach the kingdom of paradise in the other world. These instructions were so important that the walls of the burial tomb were painted with them. The pharaoh was buried with all the provisions he would need for the journey. That is, a ship, clothes, food, money, and servants. To make sure that he did not misunderstand the written instructions inscribed on all the walls of his tomb, the pharaoh would take a good number of priests with him just to be sure. “The pharaoh’s spirit was warned of the dangers now lying in his path, and how to overcome these demons, traps, scorpions, and poisonous vipers. The Book of the Dead gave him specific instructions for the just dead and the disoriented spirit. Once the spirit acknowledged that it was no longer a part of this world, it was then free to start its journey across the river. On the path, the spirit must be armed with wisdom and the worship of the God, to defeat the evil forces against it. If he, the pharaoh’s spirit, became weak or fearful, he would not make it. He had to keep good sense and faith at all times, until he arrived at the Place of God.

At the time of death, a priest would address the spirit like this, ‘O great pharaoh, you have passed over to the other side. This is no longer your home. Don’t be afraid to leave. Don’t hold on to the things of this world. They are no longer yours. Look to the light, and prepare for your journey through the other world, until you reach the kingdom. Leave those things now O noble spirit. Go now and keep your face to the light. You are not among us anymore.’ Once the spirit is departed it must then be prepared for a journey full of trials.

It is a beautiful book that is full of wisdom. I welcome your comments on Al’s story.

Wahida Clark is crowned the Queen of Thug Love Fiction She created the Thug Love Fiction genre which is a sub-genre of street lit as cited in “The Readers Guide to Street Literature” by Vanessa Irvin Morris. Wahida’s style of writing is the “TEMPLATE” for urban ‘Street Lit’. Part 5 of her Thug Series, the highly anticipated Justify My Thug under made its debut at #19 on the New York Times Bestseller List. One of the few urban lit books to do so. Her Thug Series has sold over 300,000 copies and the Payback Series has sold over 150,000 copies. Her next release in April of 2012 is Payback Ain’t Enough.

Wahida operates her publishing company out of East Orange, New Jersey, Wahida Clark Presents Publishing. WCP currently has 14 authors, 18 titles in stores across the country and is the fastest growing and most popular Urban Independent Publishing House in the industry.

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