Creator of the blog “In Her Shoes”  Renae Bluitt shares how surrendering worked in her favor and how it can do the same for you. Together with EDEN BodyWorks, Renae will be giving away 3 gift baskets filled with its new JojOba collection of hair care products. Details on how to enter to win the gift basket follow her post. ***Giveaway below – Ends June 15th***

By Renae Bluitt

Creator, In Her Shoes Blog
New York, NY USA

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep walking.” – Proverb

Have you noticed that life flows a lot more smoothly when you simply let go? By “letting go” I’m not encouraging you to stop doing your part. We’re all committed to doing our parts, but it’s what happens afterwards that truly matters. Once you’ve done all you can do, it’s time to sit back, surrender, and watch your blessings unfold. It’s SO much easier said than done but if we stop obsessing, we’ll find peace in the fact that whatever will be, will be. Allowing things to happen vs. making things happen always yields the best outcome.

Discerning what I can and can not control has always been my biggest challenge. No one wants to feel like they gave up in a situation when it can, in fact, be changed, with a bit of persistence. While I seem to bump my head on this same lesson time and time again, its most recent visit is one I’ll never forget:

Although I’ve been a proud New Yorker for the past 10 years and knew this wasn’t my final stop, I couldn’t (for the life of me!) think of a city amazing enough to peel me away from the Big Apple’s allure. As I entered my ninth and tenth years in the city, I noticed a shift in my energy. I was spending more time at home, or at a friend’s house, and less time out embracing the city that never sleeps. I started to envy the larger and more affordable living spaces friends and family were accustomed to in other cities. In short, I knew my love affair with NYC was coming to an end, but found myself in denial. After all, this is the city that every PR girl yearns to live in right? I’ve made so many awesome connections over the years, I’d be a fool to just pack up and leave…right?

As a self-titled “Fly Female Entrepreneur” with a blog that’s committed to women living out their dreams, I came to the realization that by forcing myself to stay in NYC, I wasn’t being true to my mantra. I’ve been yearning for something different, but wasn’t ready to step outside of my comfort zone to obtain it. Concerned that somehow I’d be “missing” something, I talked myself into holding on a bit longer until “it” happened.

An email landed in my inbox regarding a career opportunity in Chicago that I just couldn’t overlook. Once I made the decision to pursue it and be totally open to the outcome, everything unfolded at record speed! Just last week I was flying out for an interview. This week, I’m securing a moving company, packing, and looking online for my new home in The Windy City!

I held on to the notion of being a Brooklyn girl for so long that I neglected the parts of me that were ready for change. So, for once, I truly surrendered and let life happen. For the record, I’m certainly not implying that I’ve got this whole “letting go” thing figured out but trust me, it’s definitely better this way. Personal journeys are much more fulfilling when we understand that everything happens the way it’s supposed to. Let’s loosen up our grips on the steering wheel of life and let the blessings flow!

Renae Bluitt, founder of Crush Media, is a dedicated PR & lifestyle marketing specialist who understands the power of brand devotion. Throughout her career, Renae’s professionalism and expertise have attracted an impressive array of employers including Burrell Communications, Lifetime Television and most recently, Edelman Public Relations Worldwide. Consistently leveraging the inseparable worlds of marketing and pop culture, Renae’s innovative approach keeps her in high demand not just within the multicultural segment, but in the broader market as well.

Inspired by all of the successful women she’s met on her journey, Renae launched In Her Shoes in 2009. As the one stop blog for women committed to being the captain of their own ship, In Her Shoes shines light on change agents from Brooklyn to the Bay and beyond. So when she’s not busy shaping brands, she’s sharing – introducing In Her Shoes readers to other “fly female entrepreneurs” like herself.

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Renae and EDEN BodyWorks will be giving away 3 gift baskets filled with its new
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