How’s it going you amazing readers! Bri Clark here your Hostess with the Mostess  bringing you day 6 of  the WSA Launch Party! And boy  has it turning out to be a raving success with members celebrating, new members joining, and being a true example of collaboration and feminine support!

The newly-formed collaboration between Women Speakers Association and California Women’s Conference (CWC) is blossoming into a beautiful partnership.

WSA President and Founder Liora Mendeloff now sits on the Advisory Board for CWC and is deeply engaged in supporting our new sister organization to make this the most successful event possible.

We are sponsoring one of the conference’s Touchpointe Panels on “The Voice of the 21st Century” and featuring a most esteemed panel of extraordinary women from all over the world. CLICK HERE for details.

WSA will also be hosting a booth at the event on September 23-24th.  We invite you to attend and would love for you to come visit our booth so we can meet you face-to-face. WSA Founder/President Liora Mendeloff, Founding Partner/Vice-President Gail Watson and many members of our team, Council and several partners will be flying in from far and wide to be in attendance. Come meet our Honorary Founding Partners: Tracey Ehman (also our Virtual Marketing Director), Melanie Benson Strick (also Council Member, Call Host and Community Manager for WSA’s Social Media Team) and Jane Deuber (also Council Member & Call Host); our Council Members: Anne-Marie Dekker, Michelle Cameron, Tracey Trottenberg, Tess Cacciatore, Allie Longoria, Lisa Schneiderman, Sharon Lechter, Jill Lublin, Paula Fellingham and others TBD; Marketing Team Members: Bri Clark (also WSA’s Official Correspondent, Blog Launch Hostess), Elayna Fernandez and Hilda Bowen. Also in attendance will be WSA Partners: Natalie Ledwell (, Brett Fairall (, Andrew McCauley (, Raven Blair Davis (A Women of Power Talk Radio) and Brandon Barnum (

And…as fate would have it, Women Speakers Association…Three of our Council Members will be gracing the stage at the conference (Sharon Lechter, Jill Lublin and Paula Fellingham) as will three of our members (Natalie Ledwell, Rhonda Britten and Kim Castle).

Don’t miss out! Come join us at the LARGEST WOMEN’S CONFERENCE IN THE UNITED STATES! We’ve scored a special discount for our members. Click here to learn more about California Women’s Conference and get your ticket today! We want to see you there!

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