How Women Speakers Association builds women and is changing the world.

Women are powerful, passionate and making positive impact. We do this best in community. If you can relate to sitting in your office or home and feeling paralyzed, you’re not alone. It’s natural to have fear when you have a vision and want to grow your business and speaking platform. We at Women Speakers Association are keeping members connected and close so we build your momentum together.

To do this members can participate in weekly strategy calls, listen to our podcast, and enjoy connections on our Facebook groups. You can find the weekly events in the Monday morning email that get sent from Women Speakers Association (

Premier members get more visibility and training. Being a part of the largest go to directory for meeting planners is just one benefit. Yes, members get booked by being on our directory. Monthly we train you on how to grow your speaking business. Premier members also have their own private Facebook group to get individualized support and make connections with other savvy women leaders.

What’s New and Exciting
Gail Watson updates us on the vision for “Voices of The 21st Century.” This is a unique collaborative publishing opportunity. You get the best of self-publishing, hybrid publishing, and traditional publishing for less than it would cost you to self-publish your own book. has the link to the application for more information. The most unique benefit of being a part of this group is an in person celebration, visibility building and training event in New York City in early 2019.

“When we unite and become a unit, everyone grows and benefits,” says Gail Watson, Founder, Women Speakers Association. If you’ve never written a book and you want an easy way to do it, apply today.

Updating YouTube
One of the additional support resources is our YouTube channel. If you haven’t subscribed please do so at You will find inspiration from fellow women speakers, their great advice, and more examples of women just like you succeeding.

We’d love to hear from you and what you love about WSA.

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