When a speaker is introduced from stage as an International Bestselling Author an air of credibility rises. Your status has been raised to someone who has been endorsed by others around the globe. But getting to the state of a bestselling author (let alone an international one) takes a HUGE amount of effort unless you do it in collaboration.

If you’re going to go to the trouble of writing your own book, we suggest you do what it takes to get yourself on the bestseller list. You’ll need a team and the support of various types of people. For example, you’ll want to get 25 or more verified reviews on Amazon BEFORE your “launch” date. You’ll need to get a large number of sales on your launch day. And before any of that you need to plan your approach on Amazon (if that’s where you’re going to launch your book)

With collaborative book, however, the planning work is done for you. The amount of effort you need to be responsible is limited to getting 3-5 reviews and spreading the word on the launch day to your community by email and on social media. Everything you do to promote the book personally in a collaborative book is amplified by your co-authors and the outcome is more sales, more visibility and bestseller status.

Collaborative Book vs Anthology
Technically a collaborative book is an anthology. At Women Speakers Association we prefer the term collaborative book. We take publishing so seriously that we have a whole separate division (WSA Publishing – wsapublishing.com). For authors, we create a six month experience. Each author is hand held through the process. They can have a book buddy and connect through an author group. Furthermore, each week during the journey to bestseller authors are provided updates, training, tools, networking and next action steps are provided. During the bestseller launch time, the work is divided among the publishing team and some with the authors.

By the completion of the bestseller campaign new friendships are forged and celebrations begin. Yes, we even have balloons. The 2019 Voices of The 21st Century book became a bestseller during our livestream with 25 of the authors. The joy and excitement was palpable. In case you missed it, here is our livestream.

If you would like to become a bestselling author or join in on a collaborative book and make it part of your marketing plan (like publishing an excerpt from a previous or forthcoming book), let’s talk. Visit https://voicesofthe21stcentury.com to apply and have a conversation with Gail Watson, Founder.